Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Recent Crap

I just wanted to post some pics of crap that's happened recently. First of all, Sue and I attended a gathering of some girls and moms from our high school Sunday School class. See below:

Sue telling some ridiculous story, I'm sure:

Blurry group pic:

Action shot:

This is my more than precious nephew Cooper. He has just started smiling (except he's not smiling here):

I don't have a photo of big brother Miller unfortunately. But fortunately, Miller has learned what markers are. Yet, unfortunately again, Cookie, my parents White French Bulldog is now pink. I will attempt to obtain a photo of that poor angel.

Lastly, here is Darla the Desert Rose that was gifted to me by Ron Martin. Just when I thought all hope was lost on her, she bloomed.

This should be a life lesson to never give up. Happy Memorial Day!