Thursday, October 28, 2010

Email of the Day (And Update)

"I`m 18 years old and I`m from Mendoza Argentina.I am a college student in my first year of psicology,and also Ive recently graduated as a spanish dance teacher,one of my favorite hobbies is modelling, acting and Ive also participated in some beauty passion contest.I send you these pictures hopping to hear from you soon.

Sincerilly yours"

I mean really. What does this mean? What is a beauty passion contest? I bet that's an interesting one.

So I have some exciting news to share with all two of you who read this.

I'm moving to New Orleans to work on the next film project down there. Don't worry your pretty little heads, it's not permanent. But I'm excited!!!! If I cant actually be in France, at least I can be amongst the French Quarter, baby!