Monday, August 31, 2009

Evidence From This Weekend

This weekend I attended the Kickoff Party for the show that I'm working on. Here is some evidence that I stole from friends of mine that I had a good time. First of all, there is a celebrity whom is about to walk past Meredith and I in this first photo (yes, the same celebrity whom I purchased the carseat for):

(Photo courtesy of Mark Crawford)

Mark also stole a photo of the lady providing the entertainment. She likes to spin the records while she isn't filming stuff:

(Photo Courtesy Mark Crawford)

Here is actual evidence that I was having fun at this party, in case the other two photos didn't suffice:

(Photo Courtesy Nicole LaBranche)

I didn't actually take any photos of my own because apparently I was too busy dancing with the Deputy Mayor of Shreveport, himself... I.E. Charles Rapp. Judging by this photo, we were doing a lyric/dance off, based only on my hand motions as well as his.

Well I had a ton of fun at this party and feel a little awkward around my co-workers today, but as the day progressed, I managed to get over it, thus, reminding me why I try at all costs to avoid Kick-Off/Wrap Parties.

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Poll of The Week!

Well, Billie Jean took the cake last week with 9 votes for favorite Michael Jackson song. Smooth Criminal came in second with 8. I apologize to all of those who wished to choose Dirty Diana as their favorite, but I simply forgot to add her. Hopefully I can make it up to you someday.

Since I have been driving around and running errands for a lot of my time during work lately, I have noticed some inappropriately named vehicles roaming the roads with me. Has anyone ever noticed how suggestive some make/models of cars are? Let's discuss some names of vehicles that, if read into, could be really offensive (at least if you have a dirty mind):

Dodge Dart Swinger

Ford Probe

Dodge Ram

The Hummer

Seriously, can we be any more suggestive? The streets should come with a ratings system nowadays. So which car model do you find the most sexually offensive?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Perks of Pregnancy

Today at work I was sent on an errand to Target with the boss' credit card to purchase a high-end carseat for one of our cast members (who has a baby with a high profile NFL football player who is expecting Baby #2 any day now with a different Baby Mama). So, I stroll into the store with my cart and head to the Baby Section. After much browsing and perusing and going back and forth between which one I think is the right one, I lean over and hoist that gigantic box into/onto the buggy. (Those things are ridiculously heavy by the way... AND expensive. Like $350 for a Britax (which must be the Rolex of strollers, because why would she get a Graco one when someone else is footing the bill? This kind of pisses me off. Don't you have to have a carseat on the plane??? I'm sure she brought her own because of this. So this makes me believe that this actress has a sister who is having a baby and needs a free gift. What a twatty bitch!.))

As I can barely see what's front of my buggy because the thing is so big, I make my way to the register. I subconsciously wonder if people around me are thinking 'Oh look at that pregnant girl rolling her babyseat up to the register. How sweet!', then I actually get to the check-out. Two, I am not joking, TWO Target employees approach me to ask me if I need help getting my ridiculously large babyseat to the car, not to mention the one that was checking me out. (I think to self, I am glad that I decided to wear an empire waisted shirt today. At this point I stick out my belly.) So, what do I say? 'Thank you SO much! That is so nice of you to help me!'

So, they rolled it out to my car for me, loaded it in there and sent me on my way. I felt a little ashamed of what I did, but really not THAT ashamed. Then I laughed the whole way back to the office and planted the carseat down in the lobby:

Only to find out that it was the wrong one. Then I lied and said it was the only carseat left in the store. I mean seriously, if I had to take it back, who would help me put it in the car this time to return to Target? Here they know that I'm not pregnant... just fat. :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flashback Tuesday

While I was trying to type Flashback Tuesday, I accidentally typed Flaskback Tuesday... which is probably a better idea that the former as far as this new job is going. I work probably around 14 hours a day and am so tired when I get home that if I did have a flask at work, it would be well used. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my job, but sometimes it's hard to stay enthusiastic and positive about working such long hours.

Anyway... so this weekend John and I had Sunday brunch at a local place right around the corner from his house called Columbia Cafe. I'm not sure what makes them so proud of their menu that they think that they should charge $8.99 for a chicken salad sandwich (for that record, why do people pay $10 for Fairfield's chicken salad sandwich, when the SHRIMP salad sandwich is only $7.99. These people are robbing us blind!!!!!! And the service is pretty crappy too!!!) Anyway, so John and I ate brunch at Columbia and on our way out we spied this:

View from Left Side:

View From Right Side

I was SO excited! I've never (okay maybe once) seen a scooter/motorcycle with a sidecar. And we get done with our overpriced food and there one is, practically calling us to take a photo of it. So there's your Flashback Tuesday blast from the past. Have a wonderful week!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Is This A Southern Baptist Thing?

As I was on my way to the office on Friday, I had to bust out a U-Turn in order to capture this on film:

This is a little hard to read due to the weird sunlight angle. It says "Pastor and Wife Love Day - Aug 23, 2009". What does this mean? Do Missionary Baptist's not celebrate Valentine's Day? Why does the entire church celebrate the Pastor and Wife's love? Is it for their anniversary, perhaps? Is this a ploy to get a free lunch after church? This confuses me. Could someone please clear this up for me.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I know you are all going to be shocked by this, but the newest show that I had been watching (in my spare time) was "Megan Wants A Millionaire". I am certain that the thought of watching this show yourselves is revolting since it is the most Keithville thing on television. Let me just say that you would be correct in your assumptions:

There is so much ridiculousness going on in this show that I can't help but watch. It is a train wreck of tackiness that I had to get on board for. The contestants claim to be millionaires and all of them basically say that they are on the lookout for a 'trophy wife' - enter Megan... who, to me, is absolutely NOT the definition of 'trophy wife', but since this IS VH1 that we are watching, (they who think that there is a need for shows such as "A Real Chance of Love 2" and "Rock of Love Bus", where Megan originally hailed from), I suppose that she will have to do.

So these contestants all basically try to out-spend each other via gifts for Megan. They had a pseudo-Valentine's Day a few episodes ago where one millionaire gave her a strip tease as a gift. Another wrote her a song called 'Sex Mode' (his credit was later declined). ?????? is really all that I know to say.

This contestant, named Ryan, flat out on the first episode told Megan that he basically needs to get married for a green card and that in exchange, he wouldn't make her sign a pre-nup... tempting, huh? Meet Ryan:

The downside to this story is that poor Ryan here is in custody for being accused of murdering his ex wife and mutilating her body. So... unfortunately for me, 'Megan' has been cancelled. To be fair and unfair all at the same time, Ryan did give off a creeper vibe with the whole green card request and whatnot. According to the press releases from VH1, Ryan ended up making it to the finals, but unfortunately, we may NEVER know who won Megan's heart. But I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be a 'Megan Wants A Millionaire 2.'

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Poll of The Week!

Last week's poll was definitely the most successful to date! Clueless was voted with 11 votes as the favorite movie of the 90's:

I mean, honestly, who didn't love Cher Horowitz? I wanted to be her and wear every outfit of hers (even that ugly plaid yellow thing she wore with the knee socks.)

I still LOVE to use phrases from this movie: "As if", "That was way harsh, Tai", and my most favorite, "I was surfing the crimson wave. I had to haul ass to the ladies." Classy and classic at the same time!

This week's poll is going to have to do with someone who died two months ago and has STILL yet to be buried, bless his heart:

You are welcome for posting a semi-normal photo of him (some of the later photos freak me out in a major way). Anyway, which Michael Jackson song is your favorite?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

View From My Desk

At my wonderful new job, we have what I like to call Quirky Policies. This is what I stare at when I'm not turned around chatting with those people who face my back all day or running random errands:

Here's a blind item for the celebrity-obsessed... (I'll even give you multiple choice options, but only because it is raining outside and I feel a little crabbier than normal). Which actor requested that the production office bathrooms be locked because he didn't like that people kept #2ing in them? (Like the production staff doesn't go #2!!!! And like random strangers say to themselves "Oh, I think that I'll go over to Knight Street on the 3rd floor and poo in the men's bathroom?")

Here are the choices (Go ahead and leave a comment with your guess):

A. Val Kilmer
B. Edward Norton
C. Michael Douglas
D. Jesse Metcalfe
E. Luke Wilson
F. Tim Blake Nelson

So, since the aforementioned actor demanded that the bathrooms be locked, we have those signs. Anytime, anyone comes to our office, I have to show them where the key is and direct them to the bathroom, because this policy is ridiculous. BUT, there is an upside. I always know who is in the bathroom and for how long they were in there. So, really I am now the poo monitor. I wonder how that looks on a resume?

Flashback Tuesday

Most of my childhood was spent being a part of the Summer Grove Baptist Church youth group. Therefore, most of my Flashback Tuesday photos include myself on some sort of church event whether it be a Choir Tour, Youth Camp, Disciple Now, Church Prom or whatever. So, today's FB Tuesday features a Choir Tour:

I'm a little disappointed that Jen Herron's head was cut out here. I'd also like to point out that my brother is in this photo if you didn't recognize him. Also LJ. :) This was one of those Choir Tours where we went around to prisons and sang about the Apostle's Creed and stuff. We weren't allowed to wear our shirts tucked in because of the fear of prisoners ogling us (like they weren't going to do that anyway. I mean, look how hot we were!)

Now, this next photo, I have no idea where it is. Perhaps at a Phase 10 tournament?

Nice Texas Tuxedo down front. Anyway, there is really no telling what is going on here, I am only thankful that my outfit is completely blocked out because I feel that it would be very unfortunate. Oh, and please take note of Mark there in the back looking like he is having a blast! Don't you just love FB Tuesday?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wordless Weekend Wrap Up (Addendum)

Wordless Weekend Wrap Up

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Surprises

Apparently over the weekend, nephew Miller went to a birthday party where there was a pony ride involved. My parents neglected to tell me about it, yet at least they sent me some photos. I think he gets cuter by the day:

Seriously... no one's baby is cuter than that one. I'm gearing up for Big Brother tonight. It is going to be MAJOR!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Frozen Drink Friday

I just picked these little babies up for the office's Frozen Drink Friday policy. I was given the privilege of choosing the flavors. Instead of going with the Monkey Shine and Liquid Cocaine, I decided to play it conservatively with Margarita and Hurricane:

Also there was a line out the door. At 5:30. I mean, why wouldn't there be? It's buy one get one free from 4-7 at Daiquiri Express. Happy Weekend!

Surprises on Girl's Night

Last night I went to meet Carie, Melissa and Bevin for a nightcap at the Christian Union Building. Boy, was I in for a treat! I was chatting with Melissa about this lady who has a Massage Therapy and Pain Management Mobile Massage business and how one of her packages includes a 'Lypossage' which is a cellulite remover (or so she claims. If you want this lady's number, message me.) As I was imagining how awkward it would be for someone to rub my thighs and ass for an hour, this precious soul appeared on a stool next to me:

Ladies and gents, may I introduce Mrs. Diana Hunter (go read her blog here: ). I met Diana two years ago through our mutual friend Mrs. Carie Hart. Diana and I share a passion for two of the same things: wine and cheese. And by cheese, I mean all types of cheese (brie, gouda, blue, cheddar, feta, goat, swiss... I could go on forever.) So, as you can see, I was very excited to see her! What a surprise! Diana moved to New York with her new husband right after they got married, so I hadn't seen her since Carie's wedding (December 2007). (Now that I think about it, I might have seen her once since then, but I could be hungover.)

She shared stories about New York and how it's different from Louisiana and etc. etc. Most importantly she claims that she rode the same bus as Charlotte (Kristen Davis). What I want to know, is why the crap is Kristen Davis riding a city bus (reminding me of the episode where Carrie has to ride the bus when she's trying to save money to buy back her apartment from Aiden after they broke up. So she had to make 'lifestyle changes' in order to conserve money. At the bus stop she realizes that her SATC Column is being advertised on the side of the bus and a random lady asks her: "Why do you have to take the bus? You're on the bus!")? So yeah, I know we're in a recession, but seriously, why didn't she invest her money more wisely? Charlotte York McDougal Goldenblatt would never take a city bus. Perhaps Kristen is trying to separate herself from the 'Charlotte' image, but I can think of a lot better ways to do that... like coming out with a sex tape or become involved in a heroin drug ring.

Anyway, it is always so good to catch up with people... especially people who are real, honest, nice people. It is one of the things that I love the most. Just hearing all the great things that people are doing with their lives and how happy they are... it's just a favorite thing of mine.

(PS: Who else jumped up and down with excitement last night, when Jeff put up Natalie and Jessie? Because I sure did. I freaking love Jeff.)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Portrait of a Britney Fan

So far this week I have been LOVING (with emphasized capital letters) my new job. Like, literally, everything about it, but most of all I LOVE my co-workers. I've only had the pleasure to work with three so far, but trust me that is plenty for me. David, Jessica and Charles are their names and between the 4 of us, we have plenty of interesting Hollywood stories to share. We sit with our desks facing each other and exchange witty banter all day about actors, directors, producers, famous people, each other, other co-workers, etc. It's the greatest laid back job ever.

Jessica even was nice enough to draw a portrait of me:

If you can't read the shirt, it says #1 Britney Fan (because I have expressed how pumped I am about the concert). I am greatful to Jessica for making me so skinny and also for including my new sunglasses.

So, I am not excited about the rest of the crew getting here soon, starting this afternoon. Large groups make me EXTREMELY nervous, especially when these 'higher ups' get really picky and specific in their requests. However, coming with the large group, comes the large gossip! I cannot wait for there to be a really good celebrity story to share. But don't you worry, readers, as soon as I get good scoop, I am definitely sharing. I will have to change names, or perhaps make them 'Blind Items' since I signed a Confidentiality Agreement, but seriously, you will know it first.

PS. A teaser Blind Item to conclude your Thursday: What hip hop star (with a current hit song) has requested a 'Phat Pad' on the outskirts of town for himself and his entourage of 15 to stay in while filming?

New Poll of The Week!

Last week's poll of the week closed with a whopping six of you saying that you never read the Babysitter's Club series because you were outside playing with your friends. Sad Kate. Oh well, at least some of you voted otherwise. So Dawn Schafer (as predicted) came in 2nd place with 4 votes. Since six of you never read the series and the remaining 11 of you voted for Dawn, Claudia, Mary Anne and Stacey, surely the ones who voted remember the Babysitter's Club Movie, right? Well, this little lady played Dawn Schafer:

Who could forget Larissa Oleynik from 10 Things I Hate About You and Alex Mack? Whatever happened to that girl? I've heard many interesting stories lately from a current co-worker of mine and a former co-worker of hers from when they worked together on TTIHAY. She seems like she would be a really cool girl. I.E. Someone that I would hang with. Speaking of TTIHAY, when Googling an image of Larissa as Dawn, this image came up which is strange since I'm not sure that Julia Stiles would have ever had any connection with Dawn Schafer, unless she is one of the 4 that voted for her in my poll:

Small world, huh? Well since we were talking about TTIHAY (and not talking about how it was one of the first films to feature Heath Ledger in all of his hotness), let's have this week's poll discuss great movies of the 90's and which ones were our favorites! So, go vote and have a wonderful Thursday, friends!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things That I'm Uncertain About (Part 2)

At some point during the beginning of this month, Fox debuted a new show called "More to Love". The show is basically a fat people (or heavy-set if the word fat is offensive to you) version of 'The Bachelor'. If you would prefer a visual aid, here is the promo poster:

Also, consider this:

I am not sure if this show can get any more ridiculous. First of all, EVERY SINGLE ONE of the ladies complains about how they never got asked out, went to Prom, had a boyfriend, etc. etc. because of their weight. During these diary interviews, it never fails that someone starts crying. I guess they never thought that the reason that they've never been on a date is because they are so neurotic and annoying, instead of being big. But literally for everything, they use their size as an excuse on why they missed out in life. Sounds like they are using this excuse as a 'crutch', (to put it in a metaphor for you) to not partake in things that they didn't want to do. Now don't get me wrong, there are actually a few of them who are cool (like Lauren from Georgia who makes fun of how lame all the girls are), but generally for the most part, Good Lord!

The bachelor guy, Luke, gives me a strange vibe. Like a creepy youth pastor vibe (no offense Jeff), but seriously, he speaks as though he has been thoroughly trained in public speaking, which is a good thing to be trained in, but it comes off to me as just skeevy. He claims to like 'voluptuous' women, but just the way he looks them over (as if he is undressing them with his eyes only to douse them in A1 and eat them like a porterhouse) makes me super queasy.

The women, however, seem to eat it up! One has even gone so far as to tell him that she is in love with him. AND she told him so after being on the show for THREE episodes. So, after the THIRD DATE, she professed her love for him, TO HIS FACE. Why did they not give these women dating manuals?

Also get this, instead of giving out roses, they give out 'promise' rings. How high school is that? Seriously, so cheese ball. Each girl who makes it to the next round, Luke presents with a diamond ring and asks 'Will you wear this ring?' TACKY! THEN, before the next elimination, they all have to return the rings to Luke while he deliberates. Then they all whine about how naked their fingers feel without the rings and how they really really want to get it back because they are so in love with him because he is the first and/or only guy who has ever made them feel special and loved, blah blah.

I'm not trying to overwhelmingly hate on the show, but seriously, did they have to make it so cheesy? I think it's great to showcase women who aren't Size 2, but if these are the only ones that they can find, thanks, but no thanks. I know so many Size 10+ women (including myself) who have dated before, gone to prom, had boyfriends, etc. So why is it that Fox only chose these emotionally unstable sob stories for their show?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flashback Tuesday

For today's Flashback Tuesday, I thought I would share the story of when I met the black man in my life. Approximately two years ago, I thoroughly perused the Internet/newspaper/Thrifty Nickel in hopes to find the perfect companion for my life. I was sure that having this black man would change my life for the better, so that instead of never being at home, eating out, staying out til the wee hours of the evening, etc. I would stay home and nurture my newest love who depended on me for everything in his life.

So, one day, after much scouring, Sue found him from a breeder/show dog compound in Baton Rouge. The next day, we went and picked him up at a gas station parking lot off I-49 (shady) and then he was mine!!!! Everyone, meet Mr. Pruitt:

This photo was from the very first time that I ever got to meet him. After we picked him up from Shady Gas Station, we took him to Keithy's office for him to get checked out (Keithy is a veterinarian, you know). He checked out perfectly and I took him home and have loved him ever since.

Sad point of the story... Once I finally got him home and living with me and all, my job status changed from regular to movie, which means, that I went from working 8.5 hours in a day to 12+ and I didn't think it was fair to leave Pru Pru at home alone by his lonesome, locked away in a pet carrier for more than half of the day while I was at work. I tried taking him to my parents' house before work every day and then picking him up at night, but this got very tiresome (also, at this point, my parents decided to move from centrally located Line Avenue to basically another country known as Gloster which is even further away than Keithville).

Once they moved, I was out of options. A daily pet sitter was way too expensive so he went to live with my parents. So much for responsibility I suppose. I visit him often and am always so happy to see him, but I miss him so much. One day, when I get a house with a yard (and hopefully a doggie door that Pru will use), I am determined to get him back. In the mean time, he will live in harmony with Sue and Keithy's 4 other little dogs (i.e. Pru's aunts and uncles): Mia, Cookie, Jack and Millie. He gets to play outside in a big yard all day, roll around in dirt, and visit with the aunts and uncles. I think he likes that a lot more than the pet carrier so the end of that story is a happy one. Happy Flashback Tuesday, everyone!

Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day on Battle: Los Angeles

My first day at work has been pretty much a breeze (with the exception of having to use a power drill semi-successfully). I broke down some boxes, drug them to the dumpster, moved some tables and chairs, made some copies and enjoyed a free lunch. Well, I say enjoyed mostly because it was free. The food wasn't so hot. I guess some people just aren't cut out for Indian food buffets. That's sort of a place that you probably shouldn't go while you are feeling out new co-workers. Praise God that it didn't react badly with my stomach/intestines because if it had, that could have been really uncomfortable. Also, I don't really prefer my chicken to be an orange color. Nor do I prefer to sweat curry.

Anyway, so we had to make a haul out to the Art Department at the Fair Grounds (why they are at the Fair Grounds, I have no earthly idea, but it's nice to get some culture in your life now and again, don't you think?). On the way back from that adventure, we passed by this:

Gotta love Southern Maid Do-Nuts in ghetto territory. Nothing beats new management like old management.

On a side note, I'm pumped that my new co-worker Jessica also has a passion for Big Brother just as I do. This way there is always something to discuss other than the copy machine. Word!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Two Newest Pieces of News

I am so excited to share these two pieces of news with you all. As of Friday afternoon, I have a new job!!!!!!! Yay!!! I will be the Office Production Assistant for the new Major Motion Picture 'Battle of Los Angeles'! Woot woot! This means that basically I will be the office bitch to all of the higher ups, BUT, I will be making twice what I was making at that non-profit gig that I absolutely hated.

My other new piece of news is that I absolutely LOVE anything to do with the 'Props' department from movies. I came downstairs yesterday morning to get ready for a wedding shower (for my cousin Keri) and Nancy greeted me with a gift. She said 'Big Toe' from props sent some sunglasses home with her because they weren't needed for the movie that he is working on. For whatever reason, they didn't 'fit her face' so she asked me if I wanted them. Behold:

Everyone, go ahead and lust after my brand new Prada sunglasses (with authenticity card and carrying case). Triple woot! I made sure that they fit my face and now they are my newest favorite accessory.

Since I'm taking the new job, I will have to feel out my new coworkers to see how much internet freedom that I get. Not sure how often that I will be blogging during the day (sorry that y'all got spoiled last week), but don't you worry. I promise to have PLENTY of good gossip to spread around. Have a wonderful week!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Isn't John a Doll? (WARNING! Romance Involved)

A few nights ago, I left Mark's house after watching Big Brother (I am SO GLAD that Jeff won the Coup d'Etat!!!) and found this on my car windshield:

Look at John being a phantom in the night! After I got on to him for not being romantic, he has been leaving roses and/or oil paintings on notebook paper of roses on my car with the reasons that he loves me. Feel free to gag now if you hate reading about romantic/perfect relationships, because when I read about other people bragging about how perfect they think their boyfriend/girlfriend is, I think to self 'How lame! Do these people have nothing better to say?' This is me eating my words (just a little).

We definitely don't have a perfect relationship. Not trying to trash him or anything, but it's true. Sometimes we go days without speaking to each other. We frequently fight with each other like brother and sister, but at the end of the day, we have a deep respect for each other. I just thought I'd give him a pat on the back for being such a dove.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Out With The Old...

Like I was saying earlier, John's mother has been moving and basically consolidating two houses into one so she's trying to get rid of some crap. Like seriously, cleaning house. Yesterday I got a full sized bed to replace the twin bed that Nancy has been sleeping on forever, along with the bedding, curtains and sheets, two bobblehead dolls to go with my collection, a gigantic 3 gallon beverage dispenser so that I can finally make my own Pineapple Fusions, all sorts of Pyrex dishes, Tupperware, decorative crap, a wine rack, over the door hangers, real hangers, curtain rods, etc. etc. I could go on forever!

So, along with all that loot, I decided to pick up a new television that is slightly larger than the one that I have. It is flat screen, yet not the modern day flat screen. It is still fat in the back, i.e. junk in the trunk. Problem is, what should I do with the other television that I had?


Side view

It was my dear Nana's television that she had for like forever. She barely watched it and then whenever we had to put her in a nursing home, she gave it to me. Such a darling. Anyway, it is a perfectly good television. It is what I believe to be a fancy 13" or possibly 15". It doesn't need rabbit ears or a digital converter box or anything. It's just a little fat. So if there is anyone out there that will give me, say, $20 for it, they can have it. Nana would be proud of me getting some money out of it, but if you can't afford $20 and really really want it, I am open to bartering for it. Contact me and we'll talk.

Easy $5 Redecorating Projects

John's mother is redoing her new townhouse. In doing so, she is basically gutting the entire thing and putting in new fixtures, carpet, tile, cabinets, appliances and so on and so on. A few months ago, she told me and John to come over and see if there was anything that we wanted before she destroyed it or donated it all to Goodwill. Being the cheapo that I am, I was there in 5. So, I scouted the place and found a couple of items that I figured could easily be updated with less than a $10 effort. I found an outdated mirror in one of her bathrooms:

I didn't get a good before photo, mostly because I wasn't in blog mode at the time. I was in art project mode which trumps blog mode any day of the week. So, I took the mirror, covered the actual mirror part with newspaper (very carefully) and then purchased a can of black spray paint and covered the outer frame with it. Behold the final product:

I got Keithy to come over with his tool belt and he hung it for me last week. Done and done! The other item that I snagged whilst rummaging about was John's great grandmother's marble topped 'catch all' table. The bottom was previously (awfully) painted a nasty white color that completely washed out the beautiful marble table top. This time I took a can of brown spray paint and turned it upside down and covered the entire stand with it.

I think it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. I forgot the before photo due to said art project mode, but here is the final piece:

Seriously. Easiest makeover ever. And these things were FREE! So, a couple of cans of spray paint and a little TLC gave my bathroom and 'catch all' a brand new look! I should start an HGTV style blog, next!

New Poll of The Week!

Last week's "What Wine is Your Fave?" poll ended with an overwhelming amount of votes for Cabernet Sauvignon.

I'm impressed with the results because I love a good Cab Sav as well. I so anticipated that it would take the cake that when I went to Ruston last weekend, I picked up a bottle of this in order to celebrate what I thought would be the winning category:

With a label called Cupcake, I figured it had to be good. I mean, who doesn't like a cupcake? I haven't tried it yet because I don't want it to interfere with the Neti-Potting (Summer colds are officially the WORST!!!), but when I do, I'll let you guys know how it turns out. No worries though, there was a four-way tie for 2nd place. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio and Miller Lite (for you non-wine drinkers) all had 4 votes each. I'm pretty sure that was the most successful poll to date!

On to this week's poll. So last night, under the medication of NyQuil, I had a dream that took me back to elementary school. At that age, I was OBSESSED with The Babysitter's Club book series. My mother purchased me one at some point, and by the end of 6th grade I had probably 60 of them. I absolutely LOVED those books. I would read one a day during the summers and wished so badly that I could have been a member. I was one of the few children on my street so I didn't have many friends, so my best friends that I never had were Kristy Thomas, Claudia Kishi, Mary Anne Spier, Stacey McGill, Dawn Schafer, Mallory Pike and Jessi Ramsey. My first pseudo-boyfriend was Logan Bruno. Sigh. Mary Anne made a BIG mistake when she decided to break up with him. Ugh, at least he was still an alternate member of the BC after that.

Anyway, last night I dreamt that I was hanging out in Claudia's room on either a Monday, Wednesday or Friday at 5:30 and we were having our weekly meeting. They were getting on to me for slacking on my job duties lately. Stacey was eating some saltines and Claudia and her almond-shaped eyes were going through her always trendy closet. Then I woke up. So I always wanted to be Dawn. I imagined her to have the most beautiful hair, since she was a California girl and all. Take a gander at some of these book covers to take you back in time. And vote on which Babysitter's Club Member you always wanted to be. Happy Thursday!