Wednesday, August 5, 2009

No One Looks Good In Yellow

This evening, I had the pleasure of having dinner with (seriously) one of my favorite people in the whole wide world... Frances Colvin-Money. Frances and I met when I worked for the Architects back in 2005 because her mom, Barb, was one of their interior designers. So back in 2006 (maybe 07) Frances had a whirlwind romance with her landlord who she ended up marrying and moving off to London with. She comes in town probably twice a year and one of those times was tonight!!! Mark, John, Frances and I all ate at Newk's and of course, picked up right where we left off. I absolutely love catching up with old friends. It's so refreshing... good for the soul, perhaps. So this trip for Frances was especially a treat because she is with child! So, we had an impromptu baby shower in the parking lot of Newk's (since I skipped out on going to it two weekends ago. Oops! Oh, hey Gladpys!):

To be honest I don't have any idea what I got her. It may be a burp set, but the girl handed me the registry at Ladies In Waiting and I'm pretty sure it was in German. So I pointed to two items in my price range, without inspecting them first, or even knowing what they were and she wrapped them up and Frances loved them. I mean, why wouldn't she? She picked them out, after all. So here is a group shot of us:

ALERT: Please take note that this is one of the tops that I took from Laura's pile of donated clothes. I was trying it out to see if I could even attempt yellow, however, this is confirmation that I CANNOT wear it. EPIC FAIL! This should be a lesson to everyone: No one looks good in yellow, unless you are latino or black. Seriously. It makes everyone look awful. Not to mention that the shirt makes me look more pregnant than Frances. That could also be because I just inhaled a Newk's Black and Bleu Salad. Seriously, back on the diet soon.

Anyway, I love getting together with Frances. She's great and so easy to talk to. And she is going to have the cutest baby girl in November! Hopefully she will come early and we can share a birthday (November 3!!).


AMY said...

I totally agree with you, I hate yellow on me. It washes you out, not too many people can pull yellow off....except bananas of course!!

Anonymous said...

WTF! I look like the Kool-Aid man again! I think your camera hates me.

Kate said...

No you don't. But maybe you're sunburned.

The Shark said...

Mark, I was going to ask.. why are you always so red? High blood pressure or what?

Kristen said...

The cutest baby girl uh?