Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flashback Tuesday

Most of my childhood was spent being a part of the Summer Grove Baptist Church youth group. Therefore, most of my Flashback Tuesday photos include myself on some sort of church event whether it be a Choir Tour, Youth Camp, Disciple Now, Church Prom or whatever. So, today's FB Tuesday features a Choir Tour:

I'm a little disappointed that Jen Herron's head was cut out here. I'd also like to point out that my brother is in this photo if you didn't recognize him. Also LJ. :) This was one of those Choir Tours where we went around to prisons and sang about the Apostle's Creed and stuff. We weren't allowed to wear our shirts tucked in because of the fear of prisoners ogling us (like they weren't going to do that anyway. I mean, look how hot we were!)

Now, this next photo, I have no idea where it is. Perhaps at a Phase 10 tournament?

Nice Texas Tuxedo down front. Anyway, there is really no telling what is going on here, I am only thankful that my outfit is completely blocked out because I feel that it would be very unfortunate. Oh, and please take note of Mark there in the back looking like he is having a blast! Don't you just love FB Tuesday?


Anonymous said...

I think I'm pissed because I A. Lost the Phase 10 tournament (We're in Jaclyn's old room) and B. I have on that really ugly shirt.

Kate said...

Mark - You used to ALWAYS wear those striped polos, so don't act like Janice made you wear it. I'd be more pissed because of your fro.