Thursday, August 6, 2009

Out With The Old...

Like I was saying earlier, John's mother has been moving and basically consolidating two houses into one so she's trying to get rid of some crap. Like seriously, cleaning house. Yesterday I got a full sized bed to replace the twin bed that Nancy has been sleeping on forever, along with the bedding, curtains and sheets, two bobblehead dolls to go with my collection, a gigantic 3 gallon beverage dispenser so that I can finally make my own Pineapple Fusions, all sorts of Pyrex dishes, Tupperware, decorative crap, a wine rack, over the door hangers, real hangers, curtain rods, etc. etc. I could go on forever!

So, along with all that loot, I decided to pick up a new television that is slightly larger than the one that I have. It is flat screen, yet not the modern day flat screen. It is still fat in the back, i.e. junk in the trunk. Problem is, what should I do with the other television that I had?


Side view

It was my dear Nana's television that she had for like forever. She barely watched it and then whenever we had to put her in a nursing home, she gave it to me. Such a darling. Anyway, it is a perfectly good television. It is what I believe to be a fancy 13" or possibly 15". It doesn't need rabbit ears or a digital converter box or anything. It's just a little fat. So if there is anyone out there that will give me, say, $20 for it, they can have it. Nana would be proud of me getting some money out of it, but if you can't afford $20 and really really want it, I am open to bartering for it. Contact me and we'll talk.


Stephanie Netherton said...

LJ and I have been thinking about having a joint garage sale. She and Marcus have a lot of stuff they need to consolidate. I have a bunch of junk in the garage that I need to go through and get rid of. Possibly you have some things too and this is a good idea?

Lois Lane II said...

I have too many TVs as it is now...I agree with Stephanie. Hold a garage sale.

Kate said...

Good idea! I posted Nana's TV on Craigslist last night before I went to bed and had 3 responses about it before I woke up. Woot!

But I still have garage sale type crap that I could definitely get rid of! Just let me know when and where I should show up. I think John may have some stuff too.