Tuesday, August 18, 2009

View From My Desk

At my wonderful new job, we have what I like to call Quirky Policies. This is what I stare at when I'm not turned around chatting with those people who face my back all day or running random errands:

Here's a blind item for the celebrity-obsessed... (I'll even give you multiple choice options, but only because it is raining outside and I feel a little crabbier than normal). Which actor requested that the production office bathrooms be locked because he didn't like that people kept #2ing in them? (Like the production staff doesn't go #2!!!! And like random strangers say to themselves "Oh, I think that I'll go over to Knight Street on the 3rd floor and poo in the men's bathroom?")

Here are the choices (Go ahead and leave a comment with your guess):

A. Val Kilmer
B. Edward Norton
C. Michael Douglas
D. Jesse Metcalfe
E. Luke Wilson
F. Tim Blake Nelson

So, since the aforementioned actor demanded that the bathrooms be locked, we have those signs. Anytime, anyone comes to our office, I have to show them where the key is and direct them to the bathroom, because this policy is ridiculous. BUT, there is an upside. I always know who is in the bathroom and for how long they were in there. So, really I am now the poo monitor. I wonder how that looks on a resume?


Karly said...

michael douglas

Jamie, Jonathan, Beaux and Apollo said...

I'll vote Val

misti said...

Luke Wilson!

Poo monitor...I love it...

melissa said...


Diana and Orie said...

love this blog...and the special guest the other night:)

Stephanie Netherton said...

My guess is Tim Blake Nelson. He's the most obscure name on the list. You wouldn't have pulled that name out of a hat otherwise!

Tracy said...

I am ROLLING in my cube right now... That is hilarious and RIDICULOUS at the same time.
I agree with Stephanie... I'm voting for Tim Blake Nelson.

I'm not ashamed to say i have to google his name to know who he is. Ha!

Tracy said...

Ah... and the lightbulb happened when I found out he was Delmar in O, Brother Where Art Though? !

I'm a moron.

Alexandyr Kent said...

All I know is I dutifully apologized to mystery celebrity for said offense. And I blamed catering for serving oysters.

dara said...

i agree with stephanie as well...i have no idea who he is..soooo..hes my pick. however, i wouldnt doubt any of the others behaving the same way! way to go on being the new poo monitor. i've always wanted that job!