Friday, August 7, 2009

Isn't John a Doll? (WARNING! Romance Involved)

A few nights ago, I left Mark's house after watching Big Brother (I am SO GLAD that Jeff won the Coup d'Etat!!!) and found this on my car windshield:

Look at John being a phantom in the night! After I got on to him for not being romantic, he has been leaving roses and/or oil paintings on notebook paper of roses on my car with the reasons that he loves me. Feel free to gag now if you hate reading about romantic/perfect relationships, because when I read about other people bragging about how perfect they think their boyfriend/girlfriend is, I think to self 'How lame! Do these people have nothing better to say?' This is me eating my words (just a little).

We definitely don't have a perfect relationship. Not trying to trash him or anything, but it's true. Sometimes we go days without speaking to each other. We frequently fight with each other like brother and sister, but at the end of the day, we have a deep respect for each other. I just thought I'd give him a pat on the back for being such a dove.


misti said...

That might be the cutest thing ever.....

melissa said...

That John is a sweetie!