Thursday, August 6, 2009

Easy $5 Redecorating Projects

John's mother is redoing her new townhouse. In doing so, she is basically gutting the entire thing and putting in new fixtures, carpet, tile, cabinets, appliances and so on and so on. A few months ago, she told me and John to come over and see if there was anything that we wanted before she destroyed it or donated it all to Goodwill. Being the cheapo that I am, I was there in 5. So, I scouted the place and found a couple of items that I figured could easily be updated with less than a $10 effort. I found an outdated mirror in one of her bathrooms:

I didn't get a good before photo, mostly because I wasn't in blog mode at the time. I was in art project mode which trumps blog mode any day of the week. So, I took the mirror, covered the actual mirror part with newspaper (very carefully) and then purchased a can of black spray paint and covered the outer frame with it. Behold the final product:

I got Keithy to come over with his tool belt and he hung it for me last week. Done and done! The other item that I snagged whilst rummaging about was John's great grandmother's marble topped 'catch all' table. The bottom was previously (awfully) painted a nasty white color that completely washed out the beautiful marble table top. This time I took a can of brown spray paint and turned it upside down and covered the entire stand with it.

I think it turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. I forgot the before photo due to said art project mode, but here is the final piece:

Seriously. Easiest makeover ever. And these things were FREE! So, a couple of cans of spray paint and a little TLC gave my bathroom and 'catch all' a brand new look! I should start an HGTV style blog, next!


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Jenni said... jealous! you know what would be cool if you wanted...on the mirror, go back with either a crackle paint or some really fine sandpapper and make it look a little antiqued!

And I LOVE the table...I want it! Great job!