Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Two Newest Pieces of News

I am so excited to share these two pieces of news with you all. As of Friday afternoon, I have a new job!!!!!!! Yay!!! I will be the Office Production Assistant for the new Major Motion Picture 'Battle of Los Angeles'! Woot woot! This means that basically I will be the office bitch to all of the higher ups, BUT, I will be making twice what I was making at that non-profit gig that I absolutely hated.

My other new piece of news is that I absolutely LOVE anything to do with the 'Props' department from movies. I came downstairs yesterday morning to get ready for a wedding shower (for my cousin Keri) and Nancy greeted me with a gift. She said 'Big Toe' from props sent some sunglasses home with her because they weren't needed for the movie that he is working on. For whatever reason, they didn't 'fit her face' so she asked me if I wanted them. Behold:

Everyone, go ahead and lust after my brand new Prada sunglasses (with authenticity card and carrying case). Triple woot! I made sure that they fit my face and now they are my newest favorite accessory.

Since I'm taking the new job, I will have to feel out my new coworkers to see how much internet freedom that I get. Not sure how often that I will be blogging during the day (sorry that y'all got spoiled last week), but don't you worry. I promise to have PLENTY of good gossip to spread around. Have a wonderful week!


misti said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! on the job! But I hate you for getting those sunglasses!

Jenni said...

ohhhh...i am liking those sunglasses! and congrats on the new job! i just heard big shot dude in our building talking about this movie friday, what a strange coiencidence!

Kate said...

Thanks guys! I'm super pumped to be back to what I love doing the most: movies!

HipShooter said...

I'm missing your midday updates already and it's only lunch time. Guess I'll have to get a job, too!

Anonymous said...

Love them and love that you have an awesome new job that you love! Lots of love all around!

dara said...

yea!!!im soo excited for you.. see that other job wasnt meant to be. ok and im really jealous about ur sunglasses..i thought my armani glasses were cool, but your prada glasses run circles around my armani. sweet!