Friday, August 14, 2009

Surprises on Girl's Night

Last night I went to meet Carie, Melissa and Bevin for a nightcap at the Christian Union Building. Boy, was I in for a treat! I was chatting with Melissa about this lady who has a Massage Therapy and Pain Management Mobile Massage business and how one of her packages includes a 'Lypossage' which is a cellulite remover (or so she claims. If you want this lady's number, message me.) As I was imagining how awkward it would be for someone to rub my thighs and ass for an hour, this precious soul appeared on a stool next to me:

Ladies and gents, may I introduce Mrs. Diana Hunter (go read her blog here: ). I met Diana two years ago through our mutual friend Mrs. Carie Hart. Diana and I share a passion for two of the same things: wine and cheese. And by cheese, I mean all types of cheese (brie, gouda, blue, cheddar, feta, goat, swiss... I could go on forever.) So, as you can see, I was very excited to see her! What a surprise! Diana moved to New York with her new husband right after they got married, so I hadn't seen her since Carie's wedding (December 2007). (Now that I think about it, I might have seen her once since then, but I could be hungover.)

She shared stories about New York and how it's different from Louisiana and etc. etc. Most importantly she claims that she rode the same bus as Charlotte (Kristen Davis). What I want to know, is why the crap is Kristen Davis riding a city bus (reminding me of the episode where Carrie has to ride the bus when she's trying to save money to buy back her apartment from Aiden after they broke up. So she had to make 'lifestyle changes' in order to conserve money. At the bus stop she realizes that her SATC Column is being advertised on the side of the bus and a random lady asks her: "Why do you have to take the bus? You're on the bus!")? So yeah, I know we're in a recession, but seriously, why didn't she invest her money more wisely? Charlotte York McDougal Goldenblatt would never take a city bus. Perhaps Kristen is trying to separate herself from the 'Charlotte' image, but I can think of a lot better ways to do that... like coming out with a sex tape or become involved in a heroin drug ring.

Anyway, it is always so good to catch up with people... especially people who are real, honest, nice people. It is one of the things that I love the most. Just hearing all the great things that people are doing with their lives and how happy they are... it's just a favorite thing of mine.

(PS: Who else jumped up and down with excitement last night, when Jeff put up Natalie and Jessie? Because I sure did. I freaking love Jeff.)


melissa said...

Last night was fun!!

Karly said...

i have been waiting all week for Jeff to put those two up.. i was soooooo excited.
i love jeff even more now