Monday, August 10, 2009

First Day on Battle: Los Angeles

My first day at work has been pretty much a breeze (with the exception of having to use a power drill semi-successfully). I broke down some boxes, drug them to the dumpster, moved some tables and chairs, made some copies and enjoyed a free lunch. Well, I say enjoyed mostly because it was free. The food wasn't so hot. I guess some people just aren't cut out for Indian food buffets. That's sort of a place that you probably shouldn't go while you are feeling out new co-workers. Praise God that it didn't react badly with my stomach/intestines because if it had, that could have been really uncomfortable. Also, I don't really prefer my chicken to be an orange color. Nor do I prefer to sweat curry.

Anyway, so we had to make a haul out to the Art Department at the Fair Grounds (why they are at the Fair Grounds, I have no earthly idea, but it's nice to get some culture in your life now and again, don't you think?). On the way back from that adventure, we passed by this:

Gotta love Southern Maid Do-Nuts in ghetto territory. Nothing beats new management like old management.

On a side note, I'm pumped that my new co-worker Jessica also has a passion for Big Brother just as I do. This way there is always something to discuss other than the copy machine. Word!


Alexandyr Kent said...

Regarding "B:LA," if you have a part for a journalist vaporized by a death ray, I'm volunteering.

James McD said...

Where did you guys do Indian?

Kate said...

We ate at the India's buffet. Bleh.