Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flashback Tuesday

While I was trying to type Flashback Tuesday, I accidentally typed Flaskback Tuesday... which is probably a better idea that the former as far as this new job is going. I work probably around 14 hours a day and am so tired when I get home that if I did have a flask at work, it would be well used. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my job, but sometimes it's hard to stay enthusiastic and positive about working such long hours.

Anyway... so this weekend John and I had Sunday brunch at a local place right around the corner from his house called Columbia Cafe. I'm not sure what makes them so proud of their menu that they think that they should charge $8.99 for a chicken salad sandwich (for that record, why do people pay $10 for Fairfield's chicken salad sandwich, when the SHRIMP salad sandwich is only $7.99. These people are robbing us blind!!!!!! And the service is pretty crappy too!!!) Anyway, so John and I ate brunch at Columbia and on our way out we spied this:

View from Left Side:

View From Right Side

I was SO excited! I've never (okay maybe once) seen a scooter/motorcycle with a sidecar. And we get done with our overpriced food and there one is, practically calling us to take a photo of it. So there's your Flashback Tuesday blast from the past. Have a wonderful week!