Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flashback Tuesday

For today's Flashback Tuesday, I thought I would share the story of when I met the black man in my life. Approximately two years ago, I thoroughly perused the Internet/newspaper/Thrifty Nickel in hopes to find the perfect companion for my life. I was sure that having this black man would change my life for the better, so that instead of never being at home, eating out, staying out til the wee hours of the evening, etc. I would stay home and nurture my newest love who depended on me for everything in his life.

So, one day, after much scouring, Sue found him from a breeder/show dog compound in Baton Rouge. The next day, we went and picked him up at a gas station parking lot off I-49 (shady) and then he was mine!!!! Everyone, meet Mr. Pruitt:

This photo was from the very first time that I ever got to meet him. After we picked him up from Shady Gas Station, we took him to Keithy's office for him to get checked out (Keithy is a veterinarian, you know). He checked out perfectly and I took him home and have loved him ever since.

Sad point of the story... Once I finally got him home and living with me and all, my job status changed from regular to movie, which means, that I went from working 8.5 hours in a day to 12+ and I didn't think it was fair to leave Pru Pru at home alone by his lonesome, locked away in a pet carrier for more than half of the day while I was at work. I tried taking him to my parents' house before work every day and then picking him up at night, but this got very tiresome (also, at this point, my parents decided to move from centrally located Line Avenue to basically another country known as Gloster which is even further away than Keithville).

Once they moved, I was out of options. A daily pet sitter was way too expensive so he went to live with my parents. So much for responsibility I suppose. I visit him often and am always so happy to see him, but I miss him so much. One day, when I get a house with a yard (and hopefully a doggie door that Pru will use), I am determined to get him back. In the mean time, he will live in harmony with Sue and Keithy's 4 other little dogs (i.e. Pru's aunts and uncles): Mia, Cookie, Jack and Millie. He gets to play outside in a big yard all day, roll around in dirt, and visit with the aunts and uncles. I think he likes that a lot more than the pet carrier so the end of that story is a happy one. Happy Flashback Tuesday, everyone!


Kristen said...

See if you can get Pruitt for Vivian's birthday celebration Labor Day weekend.I'm sure that he would love doggie cake and time at the duck pond. What little dog wouldn't! I can't wait to hear him grunt/breath!

melissa said...

Mr.Pruitt looks so handsome in this picture!

Kate said...

I will see what I can do, Kristen! Mel, Mr. Pruitt loves having his picture taken!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Pruitt looks a little apprehensive in the photo. Also, I can't believe you called Keithy by his real name. I was waiting to read about Heithy the Vet!

Kate said...

Good Point Steph. Keithy actually looks slightly like Richard Dreyfuss to me, so perhaps I should have called him that. Dang it. Maybe next time.