Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Journey... and More

Last night, against my proper judgement (regarding my summer cold), I went with Mark and Meredith to Tacomania followed by the Journey/Night Ranger concert. I'm pretty sure that I saw the entire city of Shreveport either at Tacomania or at the concert and of course, I was sick and talking with a snot filled nose and trying not to breathe too heavily on anyone.

We got to the concert a little late and jumped in the middle of Night Ranger, who, seriously, were awful, with the one exception of, of course, 'Sister Christian':

Going to the CenturyTel Center for a concert is pretty much asking the City of Bossier to put on their trashiest outfit and come out to play. I have seen a lot over the years of concerts at the CTC, but this one is a definite flashback to a slutty girl that I went to high school, with who spent a lot of her time at Interport (if you grew up in the 71118, you know about Interport) AND youth group:

So, after the intermission and Journey came out, I was pretty sure that I would know all the songs.

Wrong. I seemed to know only about 5-6 of them... which was okay, but when you are praying for the set to be over so you can go home and Neti -Pot, it just seemed to go on and on and on...until they got to 'Open Arms' and everyone got out their lighters/cell phones. Meredith cleverly, managed to combine the two:

By the way. Meredith is my new friend. She is fabulous and I absolutely love her because I feel as though we are on the same page in our opinions as far as trashiness, tackiness, and Bossier. Mark, don't be jealous. So, here is our group pic from the concert:

The guy on the end is Jim. He is one of Meredith's friends who curiously purchased concert merchandise for a female who is NOT his girlfriend. I intend for you to get to the bottom of this, Meredith.

So, on the way back to Mark's to watch Big Brother, we passed by this little sight on Kings Highway:

(If you can't tell, it is a large truck transporting a couch with two humans enjoying the ride.) At least the couch was strapped in, I guess. Stay classy Shreveport... we don't want you to stoop to the lows of Bossier, or God forbid, Keithville.


Ashley Netherton said...

Kate, What's your big beef with Bossier, some of us who live here like it... Your posts used to be funny, but now I feel like you're just down right mean! Cheer up & get the Bossier chip off your shoulder!

melissa said...

I wish I would have seen you there!
I enjoyed the concert but, did not know all of the songs either.
I sort of felt like I was at a Molly Ringwalds concert. Reason being that I always picture Journey with Steve Perry so when a "Jap" comes out singing I thought for a min. that I was at the wrong concert.
Any who.. It was a great time!

Kate said...

Ashley, everything that I blog about is in good fun. If you don't like what I have to say, then please, don't read it.

misti said...

she's just a small town girl livin' in a lonely world...closet journey fan here!

sounds like a good time, except for the phlem!

The Shark said...

I think she meant the Shreveport Chip off your shoulder... but you know, haven't us Shreveporters earned the right to look down on our dirtier, poorer sister across the river? I mean sure, it's not all bad over there, and they DO have the Boardwalk and Century Tel center. There are a few nice neighborhoods, but really who cares? The cops from Bossier are jerks, the schools are sub-par, and their mayor's nickname is "Lo". The Mardi Gras parades start in Bossier, but where do they end up? Shreveport. Who's downtown skyline can you see from miles around the area? Shreveport. Hell, when you talk about Shreveport/Bossier Shreveport always comes first in the order of speaking, exactly how I just typed it.

Face it Bossierians, you will have to live with the scorn and disdain of Shreveporters unless you vote to let us demolish the city and make it a huge parking lot for Shreveport. Even then it would probably be a crappy parking lot.

Just move to Shreveport.

Kate said...

Haha Chris. I think that the Shreveport/Bossier 'feud' has gone on for forever because each side was taught never to go to the other. I do like the Boardwalk, and Don Juanz.. but not much else.

Stephanie Netherton said...

Let me come at this issue like a journalist.

A. Mardi Gras parades begin and end in Shreveport.

B. Bossier has brought lots of good things to our area. Barksdale, Boardwalk, La Downs, Horseshoe (still top casino), CenturyTel, Cyber Innovation Center.

C. The school system in Bossier is growing. They're building new schools. Their education remains top notch. Unless you can get into a magnet program, most Shreveport parents send their kids to private schools to avoid their district school.

D. Census records show that Bossier is seeing 10 percent growth year over year. Shreveport is on the decline.

E. Shreveport probably wouldn't be what it is without the industry in Bossier. We should be grateful that our two cities can work together to make our quality of life better.

F. Like it or not, Shreveport-Bossier is a package deal.

We share the Red River and annual fireworks shows. Plus, the Texas Street Bridge connects on both sides, so we're equally to blame for some stuff. Why can't we all get along?

The Shark said...

Let me comment on this like someone who isn't seriously arguing against Bossier and has a sense of humor.

Here we go.

I am not seriously arguing against Bossier but I think it's funny because I have a sense of humor.

Let's not all get butt-hurt over a blog.

Anonymous said...

Why do I look like the Kool-Aid man? It was hot in there, but I didn't realize it was that hot. And that couch was...interesting.

Karly said...

first of all...LOL!!! Interport...very classy

2nd. As a former resident of the 71118,71115,71106, I agree that Bossier is definitely not as cool. Unless, of course, you like railroad tracks, lots of traffic and getting 3 tickets totaling $550 in a seven day period.... Bossier is definitely for you.

Just sayin......

Stephanie Netherton said...

Not arguing, just giving my sister-in-law's opinion some validation. I also think having a brain in your head and knowing what you're talking about doesn't mean you are without a sense of humor. And if you have to tell people you're funny, chances are you need to re-evaluate things.

Mark, Kool-Aid man! I don't see it!