Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Poll of The Week!

Last week's poll of the week closed with a whopping six of you saying that you never read the Babysitter's Club series because you were outside playing with your friends. Sad Kate. Oh well, at least some of you voted otherwise. So Dawn Schafer (as predicted) came in 2nd place with 4 votes. Since six of you never read the series and the remaining 11 of you voted for Dawn, Claudia, Mary Anne and Stacey, surely the ones who voted remember the Babysitter's Club Movie, right? Well, this little lady played Dawn Schafer:

Who could forget Larissa Oleynik from 10 Things I Hate About You and Alex Mack? Whatever happened to that girl? I've heard many interesting stories lately from a current co-worker of mine and a former co-worker of hers from when they worked together on TTIHAY. She seems like she would be a really cool girl. I.E. Someone that I would hang with. Speaking of TTIHAY, when Googling an image of Larissa as Dawn, this image came up which is strange since I'm not sure that Julia Stiles would have ever had any connection with Dawn Schafer, unless she is one of the 4 that voted for her in my poll:

Small world, huh? Well since we were talking about TTIHAY (and not talking about how it was one of the first films to feature Heath Ledger in all of his hotness), let's have this week's poll discuss great movies of the 90's and which ones were our favorites! So, go vote and have a wonderful Thursday, friends!


Jenni said...

Sad, but I could Ten Things quite often! I always seem to miss something!