Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Flashback Tuesday

Back in high school when I was young and innocent, I had questionable taste as far as dating went. I say this because, two of my three high school boyfriends are now gay. Apparently my requirements back then were:

1. Goes to church (didn't matter what church).
2. Taller than me.

So, you can IMAGINE the types that I brought home. My parents must have had nightmares. So, a friend of mine recently decided to purchase a scanner and upload all of her high school photos. This would be one that I thought that had disappeared into oblivion to never be seen from again:

That would be my first real boyfriend, with whom I shared my first real kiss. There was my Pooh that Sue got me from Disney World. Now, I'm not trying to out anyone on my blog, but you can make the decision for yourself if this one stole my makeup... and my next boyfriend for that matter. Wish me luck on the interview!!!!