Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tired of Sleeping... is it possible?

So, I got this Memory Foam mattress cover thing for Christmas from John. I Love it! The only problem is that I never want to leave the bed. I mean really, I've been sleeping 13-14 hour nights. I must pull myself together here. I've been off work since the 23rd and I am sick and tired of doing nothing. It's like a shut in vacation or something. (Some asshats call it a 'staycation'.) I've made a semi-permanent indentation in my couch. Oops. This is why we can't have nice things.

So, my NY Resolution isn't health related to avoid disappointing myself... instead, I've decided to redo my bedroom and do a little something with my hair. I want to paint my bedroom this color:

And try to dye my hair with a semi-permanent this color (nice kinky boots, Cross):

We will see if these things actually happen, but at least I've given myself a reasonable timeline to do these things. 1 year. Ready, set, color changes.


melissa said...

Can't wait to see your hair! I am sure it will look fab!