Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well, since I gave up everything that is considered Holy and Righteous (see post below) for Lent, I've pretty much eaten nothing but lettuce and salmon for the past two weeks. (Well, except that time that I went to Joey and Megan's Fiesta Wedding Shower and of course it was Build Your Own Burrito day and I ate one and a half. Oops.. I felt really bad about it and purged when I got home. Ok not really, but I did feel bad... convicted would be the proper term/feeling.) Anyway, since I've only eaten sprigs of grass, I feel like I've lost a pound or two. Feel free to compliment me on such the next time you see me.

Anyway. Life has been busy lately. I just found out that I will be coordinating two films coming up. One starting now and the other starting at the end of the month so if you wanted to get any face time in with me before September, now's the time to start booking my free time with fun activities.

Since I won't be doing anything other than being holed up in this office 'til fall, I've decided to arrange a goal if you will, to look forward to. I've decided to take this one...:

...on a trip to NYC! I asked her where in the world does she want to go on a trip. She answered NYC (even though we've already been there AND even though I STRONGLY URGED HER to choose Paris, she wanted New York. She says that Paris would be too expensive b/c that is where the original Louis Vuitton store is and she knows she'd spend a fortune in there. I say, you live once and you're going to be too old and senile by the time we can 'afford' to go to Paris, but soapbox (also she wants John to take me there on our honeymoon. Ha! WE AREN'T EVEN ENGAGED!!!)), so off we go to NYC! (I know, I'm the best daughter ever...) So, I've contacted my travel agent and planning is in the works. I've always wanted to do something special for Sue and I feel like this will be a nice way of rewarding her for being a great mom (also, to get her out of the house before her Alzheimer's/dimensia settles in for good).


Anonymous said...

Am I your travel agent or have I been replaced?

Unknown said...

You are my itinerary guide...

melissa said...

Sure such a sweet daughter!
I forgot.. are margaritas something you can not have? I'm thirsty!