Thursday, October 8, 2009

Highlight of My Day

So, got to stand very near to Two Face today. Although I didn't get the photo of myself kissing him on the cheek that I would have liked, I did manage to sneak this while he watched playback at the Video Village:

I decided to make a photo montage of a gas station explosion that I got to witness this morning. The show was blowing up the run-down gas station at the corner of Texas and Linwood in Shreveport. It was doused with 160 gallons of diesel fuel then lit on fire. Here we go:


A, what they call, 'picture car':

Actual explosion:

Smoke and stuff:

An after shot (note the 'dead' body):

That was the zenith of the day. The 'Battle' leaves town tomorrow to head to Baton Rouge until Christmas. I'll be moving on to bigger and (hopefully) brighter things.


Anonymous said...

COOL! I saw the "Fake Smoke Ahead" signs out today.