Thursday, January 7, 2010

Major Differences Between Sue and I

Recent conversation via 'text' that my mother and I had:

Kate: "Mom, which Beatle was your favorite?"
Mom: "Paul"
Kate: "Why didn't you like George?"
Mom: "He wasn't as cute and didn't say much."
Kate: "You are so superficial!"

Also, I mentioned that I was ashamed of her after mentioning that George is just like KEITHY! (With the exception of the 'not cute' part). If you have no idea who we are talking about (which, shame on you) here are some photos:

Precious Georgie, whom I was told that James Burton said that he was 'kind'. What a nice description! I believe it. Also, I can NEVER hear enough of his version of "Here Comes the Sun" (which he wrote) so I am certain that this describes him perfectly... bless.

And here's ole Paulie who ended up marrying Peg Leg Mills. Nice judge of character you've got there. Well I guess he's done some cool stuff too, but just doesn't compare to sweet Georgie.

Who's your fave?


Elizabeth said...

I'm with you. George had way more substance.

Adam Traylor said...

Maybe this blog was not intended for me, but I saw the pic of George and thought It had potential to interest me. Anyways, I have to say that John was by far the coolest of The Beatles. Paul was kind of a snob and you're right about George having substance or whatever. Poor Ringo never got his due.

Dara M. said...

my moms favorite was george also, that makes me vote for him.