Friday, April 8, 2011

It's The Weekend, Ya'll!

My fraand Ashley is coming to visit me this weekend. We are going to hit up the French Quarter Festival and see "Trombone Shorty" (see pic below):

I've never heard him before, but he looks right up my alley. A little thuggish ruggish Bone and a little jazz all mixed together in a sweet, little, intimidating in a back alley kind of package.

I need to go invest in some sunscreen and a floppy hat because this white girl is going to get her self a burn and peel situation if she's not careful.

I feel as though Mercury might be in retrograde because yesterday I had an "out of the blue" conversation with someone who I have known for years but have had little to no contact with other than "Hi! How are you?" "Tell your extras to wear soft soled shoes", etc. So he Facebook chats me up yesterday at 1PM Central Standard Time, drunk, and throwing out sexually explicit dialogue, telling me that he loves me and that his wife won't care and that we should get a hotel together, etc.

All I could muster out of my fingertips was nervous 'hahas' and 'well I gotta runs' and whatnot. It helps that he is on the East Coast currently, doesn't have my phone number and doesn't know where I live. Thank God. However, I can't wait for him to sober up and scroll up on that chat in a couple of days.

Thanks Mercury.