Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Vegas Vacation - in August

So, back in April, while I was still blissfully employed and was making wonderful money (I've since been unemployed since June and living a life of a recluse, a la, Grey Gardens), I decided to surprise Sue for Mother's Day and take her to Vegas to see La Britney.  I thought it would be fun to go see her since we've been talking about going since she announced her Planet Hollywood residency. So, I booked tickets, flights and a room and off we went....  In August, aka, Hell's 4th circle inner ring.

We flew Spirit Airlines - and though most people complain about Spirit - I paid extra so we could have the front row seats and for us to check baggage - and it was fabulous.  The flight attendants love their jobs and are apparently the most high paid in the industry.  Who knew?

Anyway, off we went.    First stop:  Margaritas (by the pitcher) @Border Grill

If any of you watch the Real Housewives - you would know that this is Susan Feniger's restaurant out of the OC.  So OBVIOUSLY we had to go there.  (Stop rolling your eyes).

We ate some amazing food!

Nobu @Caesar's Palace

I know you were wondering, and the answer is YES - I did take this with a Selfie Stick. In the restaurant. At the table.  Sue was embarrassed but my theory in life when traveling since I was a twee girl has always been - WE ARE NEVER GOING TO SEE THESE PEOPLE AGAIN SO WHO CARES!

Aureole (not to be confused with a nipple)  

THEY HAD A WINE ANGEL who would retrieve your bottle.  It was more exciting in theory than in person - and the food was seriously lackluster.  Would rather have gone back and had more margaritas, but that's who I am to the core - chips and salsa til I die.

The next day we meandered down to the Venetian to have lunch with Mere Bear.  On the way:

La Tour Eiffel, a la Vegas

We passed by this Eiffel Tower replica.  It was exactly like being in Paris - except completely the opposite.  The Vegas version includes prostitutes and their pimps handing out their calling cards on the sidewalks at 10am.  So romantic - just like the Champs Elysses.

Best meal we had was Thomas Keller's Bouchon - in the Venetian

They served Mumm in their mimosas.  Need I say more?

So finally we made it to the concert.

My only regret was not getting a photo of the two gay gentlemen next to me from Slovenia who were DIE HARD Britney fans.  One was wearing a fake python around his neck.  It made me feel so underdressed.

Britney was mesmerizing.  Fabulous.  Amazing.  On fleek (as the kids say).

The trip was lots of fun.  We saw Brit Brit, ate some great food, saw a friend who I miss severely and Sue even got a major purchase - a Chanel Boy bag.  I was so jealous but then realized that I'll get it when she dies. I made her swear not to leave it to my niece (her granddaughter).  She'd better not. I'd be so PISSED!  We decided our next jaunt will be to Charleston/Savannah.  What are the best things about those places?  I need to start researching!

The Cob has moved to Texas

Who would have ever imagined?

Since my last post (IN 2011 (gasp) ) - I've gotten married, had a child AND moved to Texas.  What the crap?  AM I NOW A MOMMY-BLOGGER?!?!?

Who am I?

Well - the good news here is, I'm still sassy and a redhead and from the Ratchet.  But now, I'm experiencing semi-culture shock over here - Deep in the Heart of Texas (see what I did, there?)

I come across interesting and strange (to me) things that happen here, and have been needing an outlet to share them - so maybe, just maybe, I should start blogging again?  Should I?

Does anyone still blog? But more importantly, does anyone still read THIS BLOG?

We will see...  In the mean time, these are my people - bask in their attractiveness.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Email of the Day: Back from the Big Easy

"Hello Kate, I am Marie. I am registered with your company and have worked on Leatherface. I am available and willing, however I have a ace wrap on my right elbow. If you can still use me, let me know. Thanks, Marie"


Did ya'll miss me?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Email of the Day: Mother's Edition

Please read the following email regarding two high school aged extras who worked on set with us on Tuesday. This email is coming from one of their mothers.

"Cody and Dallas really enjoyed doing their scene for 21 Jump Street, I don't know if you read Codys interests on his application, but he is big time into motocross and motorcycles. He has been riding since he was about 5 yrs old. I just had a thought, IF Cody and Dallas get called back to do something in the prom dance scene, wouldn't it be cute if they were dressed for the prom and showed up to the prom on a motorcycle. I just think that would be so cute....... Thanks again for choosing them, I know it was a short little scene but they really enjoyed themselves. Thanks

Wow, Frannie. Maybe you should look into becoming a director. Sounds like you've got a real knack for it!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend: Shreveport Whirlwind

Well this weekend was a 'three day weekend' here on 21 Jump Street so I traveled north to the Shreve for a friend/fam fix.

I went to a strip club for the first time (not counting the all-male one that I went to in New Orleans for Melissa's Bachelorette Party). So, needless to say, I didn't have to look very far for any Easter eggs. Eggs painted and stuffed with regret, that is. I learned what it means when rappers say things such as 'She make dat ass clap" as well as that most of them wipe down the pole before they mount it. All in all, a classy night.

The next day, I got to hang out with my fraand Sass:

We had a romantic date at my favorite place, Tacomania, followed by some patio time at my favorite porch: The Cub.

Saturday, I spent most of the days with these two terrors, I mean, angels as well as the rest of my fam:



Saturday afternoon I spent time at the Oyster Bar and ran into these little gems:

Mark and I

Covilove and myself

Everyone go ahead and take note as to how great my tan (burn) lines look from French Quarter Festival. No, I wasn't wearing a stringy top, I was simply wearing a necklace when I received that deep V mark. This, is why I don't go outside.

Saturday nightt there was a party, in my honor, at the Crawford Mansion Patio. Here are some highlights.


My new best friend Sarah Thomas and Benjamin - the pride of South Highlands.

Now back in New Orleans. We began filming today meaning, free lunches have began. Lobster tail on the first day! So happy here!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Email of the Day: John Goodman Edition

"Subject: do ya'll have contacts with John Goodman?


I have a TV series that I want to shoot in N'awlins--I want to pitch it to John Goodman first--it was written for him--but I'm flexible.


New Orleans is going well! I participated in my first Second Line this weekend as well as my 145th Hand Grenade. Keepin it Klassy. I'm heading back to the Shreve this weekend for Easter with the fam. I can't wait to see everyone!

Friday, April 8, 2011

It's The Weekend, Ya'll!

My fraand Ashley is coming to visit me this weekend. We are going to hit up the French Quarter Festival and see "Trombone Shorty" (see pic below):

I've never heard him before, but he looks right up my alley. A little thuggish ruggish Bone and a little jazz all mixed together in a sweet, little, intimidating in a back alley kind of package.

I need to go invest in some sunscreen and a floppy hat because this white girl is going to get her self a burn and peel situation if she's not careful.

I feel as though Mercury might be in retrograde because yesterday I had an "out of the blue" conversation with someone who I have known for years but have had little to no contact with other than "Hi! How are you?" "Tell your extras to wear soft soled shoes", etc. So he Facebook chats me up yesterday at 1PM Central Standard Time, drunk, and throwing out sexually explicit dialogue, telling me that he loves me and that his wife won't care and that we should get a hotel together, etc.

All I could muster out of my fingertips was nervous 'hahas' and 'well I gotta runs' and whatnot. It helps that he is on the East Coast currently, doesn't have my phone number and doesn't know where I live. Thank God. However, I can't wait for him to sober up and scroll up on that chat in a couple of days.

Thanks Mercury.