Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Poll of The Week!

Last week's POTW closed with six of you saying that you were most like Charlotte. (I'm pretty disappointed that there weren't more votes for Stanford Blatch. Love him and the gays!) I guess that's not much of a shock since we ARE in the South after all... most Southern girls want the fairy tale life and whatnot (hence why there are so many shotgun weddings, divorces and knocked up people around here). Good for ya'll!

This week I decided to go upgrade my POS LG phone for a Blackberry. Thus, I have a Roxanne of my very own. Except she is the much classier Blackberry Tour:

I can't quite decide on what I should name her. I have it narrowed down to a couple of options:

1. Jack Black Berry
2. Halle Black Berry (Current Fave)
3. Roseanne (to go with Roxanne)
4. Olivia (After the 1st Lady of G-Unit)



Anonymous said...

Welcome to the WONDERFUL world of BlackBerry. (what's an iPhone??) Just so you know, you'll never be able to be without a BlackBerry for the rest of your life. And I say that after having my BB Storm for only a year. And Jack Black Berry is the best of the four. And yes, I voted.

Unknown said...

In the words of Hurricane Chris "Halle Berry - she's fine!!"