Monday, December 14, 2009

Awwww Hnap!

Well. John, Polly and I went over to Dallas this weekend (well Polly took us, I mean, God, the car pretty much drives herself) to see Jim and his teammates play the Cowboys. We had seats nearing the Little Dipper:

I mean honestly, I refused to move because I feared tumbling to my death... (even though I did send John on a run to the concessions stand to bring me the most amazing Frito Pie that I've ever devoured in public. I mean seriously, it was off the charts of goodness.) They tried to do this deal with 3-D glasses on that gigantic screen up there. Didn't go over so well, though since you couldn't watch the game with the glasses or the screen without the glasses, so mainly it was a huge cluster-f so nonetheless the crowd cheered the loudest when they turned that bullcrap off.

We got these wristband deals to go down under the stadium with the players' Escalades and BMWs and whatnot once the game was over. Mostly it was a bunch of groupies loitering and taking photos. I was mesmerized by the Hybrid Benz that I saw... however, That Guy that knocked Tila Tequila out that time walked right past my shoulder. I would say that was the highlight. Then there was the 4 mile walk back to the car... hey, after that Frito Pie, I needed it.

John and I got to visit with Jim's baby:

I held him for nearly an hour and no one died, so maybe I'm getting the hang of baby-holding. Also, he's pretty cute. And he doesn't cry a lot so that's a bonus.

So that was Dallas in a flash. Oh and I got to go to Anthropologie, which I love. Also I got to go to Macy's to see what all the hype is about, what with all the commercials and stuff lately. I got a Christmas present for John's mother and nothing for self. I must be growing up a little bit.... nah.


melissa said...

Looks like a fun trip! Jim's baby is a cuttie!