Monday, December 7, 2009

Merry Christmas To Me!

Well, I am planning and have halfway purchased this year's Christmas gift to self. (For the record, last year's was a leather jacket). I am going to SUNDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the shows that I worked on last year (Skateland) is going to be in the competition this year and well, why not take a trip and go see it there along with thousands of my peers (and Robert Redford for sure)? So, I will be. I'll be accompanied by a few fellow film, yet not film, co-workers on this trip and I am pumped! You ask, "Kate, will you go skiing whilst there?" I hate to burst your bubble but no, I am not a skier. I prefer toddies in a warm lodge than riding the lift back down the mountain, as I have previously been known to do.

Well that is today's news brief. Check back soon for more updates.


melissa said...

Have fun!!!

David Heffler said...

Did I ever tell you I went to Sundance a couple years ago? Actually went three years in a row, but haven't been in couple years. Stupid work keeps getting in the way. Will make it back sometime soon. You are seriously going to have so much fun!!!