Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So I gave up these two things for Lent:

(Mexican food)

(Red Meat... this includes, venison, hamburger, ribs, everything that is considered Holy)

People say 'Kate, why did you give up anything for Lent at all? You aren't Catholic?' Well, for me it's not about being Catholic or Methodist or whatever religion you classify yourself as. It's about sacrifice. When I want to eat a freaking Patty Melt from Whataburger at 2AM, instead I think to self 'No, Kate. Not only will you bloat like the Goodyear Blimp afterwards, but think about the sacrifice that Christ made for you! (Slap on wrist!)' Then, I go eat a sprig of broccoli.

Let me just say that I want some Brisket Fajitas from Superior so bad right now, but I am going to wait it out... test myself, if you will and see and feel a tiny sliver of what Christ went through for us. However, come Easter Sunday, I am eating an entire rump roast... and I'm going to dip it in queso.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Vote for these People

A close friend of mine named Andrei and his ADORABLE fiance Rachel are trying to win a $100K wedding! Go and vote for them! They met on EHarmony. How much more perfect can you get? See how cute they are:

I mean seriously!

Click here to vote for them!

If anyone deserves it, it is these precious people! Love you Dre!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back to the Kitchen

Well, I'm hosting Bunco tomorrow and I've decided to make my own King Cake. It looks disgusting, but oh trust me, it won't be! See for selves:

I messed up on the part where you add the icing, so that's why it looks so ugly, but it is going to be divine.. I am certain of it! If people decide that they like it, then I'll share the recipe.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If You Were Wondering...

So, I'm beginning pre-production on a new show starring this guy:

And I'm looking for a woman who has identical twins... possibly still pregnant (due in the next few weeks, preferably), who would be interested in having their twins be in a Mary-Kate and Ashley type situation. Basically we need a couple of babies who look alike (and who are around 2-3 months old) to be that guy's granddaughter (yeah, he's that old) in the show. I'm sure he'd autograph something for you if you asked him nicely. Just sayin. So, if you have any details or KNOW of anyone who is pregnant or has just had newborn Identical twins (can be a boy/girl too), let me know. My email is:

They will be paid and it would be a great way to begin a college fund for them. Or to get a closeup with a Coppola.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Summary of Mardi Gras 20 Ten

I'm not sure that I should go into detail. This pretty much sums it up. Oh, and I caught a life sized porcelain doll. Thanks Mark.

Friday, February 5, 2010

I Hate To Be The One To Say It...

Well, actually, I don't because it's very true, but... I've decided that Juicy Couture is the Ed Hardy for Women's Wear. Evidence:

Can these trends stop yet? Are we past it? At what point did things like stripes and paisley go so wrong to the point where we had to incorporate skulls and innocent Schnauzers into our wardrobes? Let's just be honest with ourselves here, people!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Carnival Season Preview Part 1

So, this is what I feel will be happening on Saturday (permitting that the fire in my throat decides to die down before I convert to a Cullen... (for those of you who read Twilight, you will understand)):

Yes, that's myself, drink in hand, catching beads with the other. It's super fun. And after a few beers, it becomes quite a challenge, but oh, don't fear, I have perfected the art (Stand in the back and don't be afraid to fight a small child).

This is a photo of our group from last year:

What a handsome group, eh? Well, I can't wait. If you live in the Port City and you are planning on heading to the Centaur parade, make sure you stop by the median between the former Camelot Lounge (then Scaredy Tatts, now closed as well) and the Crisis Pregnancy Center and trust that I will be there boxing out 5 year olds! Come say hello, it's a fun time for all!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Let's just be honest with each other, here. Send me back to Sundance already, because that crap was freaking AWESOME! I was super nervous about my travel companions because who knows what sort of freaky habits come out with people you semi-know. Nothing weird at all. I bunked with The Bish and there were no problems there (unless you count my snoring, which hopefully she didn't hear, but I'm quite confident that she did... oh well).

I saw some celebs. One would include CHUY!!! He was the only one that I was really excited about. I mean after seeing him, who needs Simon Rex, Philip Seymour Hoffman, or Renee Zellweger. Talk about D list.

I'm back to booking extras this week for a low budgie called 'Six Month Rule'. Directed by the same dude that did 'Weather Girl', if you happened to catch that one. It was pretty cute, I guess.

Well, I hope you all didn't miss me too much... xoxo