Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Halle It Is

Thanks for voting, Halle is the new name of the Berry.

Let's see, what's new? I went to the Revel this weekend. I bought a bunch of artwork as gifts and then a few things for my personal repertoire. (I made the mistake of wearing flip flops in the rain and therefore my feet turned out like so:

However, I got some of this:

So I'm okay with the dirty feet sacrifice. They (my feet) are all clean now, DON'T JUDGE ME. WE'VE ALL MADE THESE MISTAKES BEFORE!!!!!!!!!)

Um, I'm about to wrap up this movie that I've been working on so diligently (and I fervently apologize for being so blog-neglectful) so, hopefully I can get a couple of days off before I start working elsewhere. I think I'm going to pick up a part-time gig in an interiors place until the next show starts... now doesn't that sound fun?!

I have a wedding coming up next month for my friend LJ and am going to be required to get some sort of dressy situation for the rehearsal dinner. Being that I am a fair-skinned redhead, there are only a few colors that I can wear. So, that being said, this week's poll is going to be pretty lame, but what color dress should I attempt to find? Keep in mind that I usually stick to a 4 color wardrobe palette being black, brown, red and green, yet I am okay with overstepping this boundary and going in another shade of those families, with the exception of yellow, pink and lavender.


Jenni said...

Why don't you do a deep purple/plum? That's a really good color for this fall! I think you would look ravashing in it!

Diana & Orie said...

loving the antonio melani dresses at dillard's right now...there is a really pretty mallard green, plum fuschia...go try can pull off lots!

Kristen said...

As a fellow red head I vote green or chocolate brown. I also agree that a deep purple would work as well.