Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Poll of The Week!

Last week's POTW closed with six of you saying that you were most like Charlotte. (I'm pretty disappointed that there weren't more votes for Stanford Blatch. Love him and the gays!) I guess that's not much of a shock since we ARE in the South after all... most Southern girls want the fairy tale life and whatnot (hence why there are so many shotgun weddings, divorces and knocked up people around here). Good for ya'll!

This week I decided to go upgrade my POS LG phone for a Blackberry. Thus, I have a Roxanne of my very own. Except she is the much classier Blackberry Tour:

I can't quite decide on what I should name her. I have it narrowed down to a couple of options:

1. Jack Black Berry
2. Halle Black Berry (Current Fave)
3. Roseanne (to go with Roxanne)
4. Olivia (After the 1st Lady of G-Unit)


Things I Do When I Should Be Working

I rolled up to my bank last week to deposit some funds and reached for the tube and this is what I got:

Way to get festive with it, Regions. Any way that a financial institution can throw some hot pink into my banking gets a gold star from me.

Well, this week I'm working a 6th day. For those of you who don't know what that means, I have to work six days in a row this week. And next week. Kate is not happy.

So, my goal is to pump as much free stuff out of this as possible. Step 1: Get headlight replaced by Teamsters on set:

It only took 5 of them and 45 minutes to figure it out. Also, I got a free tank of gas whilst I was here. Step 2 is a new inspection sticker, thus why I had to get the headlight changed. We will see how that goes. Step 3 is going to be either a free haircut or free clothes from wardrobe.

I severely apologize for the lack of updates, but it's hard to steal away 5 minutes to collect my thoughts. However, working on Saturdays has remedied this, since not a lot goes on and also the crew is working nights and I'm working days. So thank God that they are all asleep and not around to bother me...yet.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Self-Explanatory Blog Title:

Well, I've officially reached the zenith of my life. Britney was this weekend and man was it the best thing EVER. No really, ever.

Check out the red spandex pants. Love it!!! I peed my pants a little at this point...seriously.

The magic umbrella!

Crotch shot!

I could kick like that in high school. About 50 pounds ago.... I miss her already.

Friday, September 18, 2009

New (Belated) Poll of the Week!

The Labor Day poll ended with most of you saying that you labored in one way or another. I was thinking of other labor options and one lady who didn't have to labor at all for her newest 'bundles of joy' is this lady:

Yeah SJP up here had some surrogate random have her two twin babies. This got me to thinking about SATC and how these ladies were laboring on Labor Day because SATC2 just started filming in NYC. We've never had the token "Which SATC Character Are You?" poll, so here we go. I've decided that I'm a mixture of these two:

I think Miranda because I'm pretty cynical when it comes to pretty much everything, and I picked Samantha because of her wit and ability to have fun (not because of her sluttiness... but you can take it however you want). So which SATC character are you?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finally, 5 Minutes to Blog!

Life has been crazy lately. My work week has shifted from Monday - Friday to Tuesday - Saturday. It is harder than you think to pretend that Sundays are Saturdays, but I am trying my hardest.

The only semi-entertaining photo that I've manage to snap lately is from the parking lot of Target:

Although it may be hard to tell from such a photo, that is INDEED blue glitter paint. Ah, Shreveport never seems to fail me as far as rendering me speechless.

Well, this weekend is the Britney concert. I have managed to swap shifts with a girl at work in order to guarantee that I am outta here in time to get showered and slip into my red spandex onesie for the concert. I cannot wait!!! Carie and Julie, you girls had better start rehearsing your Britney lyrics, because I am going to know them all! Woot!

In other news, I may or may not have shared this information, but I am going to be an uncle again since my brother and sis in law are having a baby boy. Cooper Keithy. What an angel. Okay... off to run more errands... AND to watch the Big Brother finale!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Since the last time I blogged, I have been crazy busy. By crazy busy I mean that I've been running around so much with errands and sweating my yams off on set and back and forth and what not, that I've even lost 5 lbs... maybe 6 (I'm going by clothes size, not by scale since I don't have one... Woot for Skinny Bridesmaid). I've finally gotten the 10 minutes that I need to write a blog, even though I have no direction, I just basically wanted to write and say that I'm not dead (since I KNOW you were all wondering).

Friday, I got these from my bosses:

On the card it said that I am underappreciated (amen) for all the work that I do. How sweet! I accidentally left them on my desk over the weekend (after I bolted to the door to get out of here and over to the Stray Cat) so this is them in their wilted state, which is still pretty good. Also, its a crappy pic because I was trying to be all nonchalant in the office with it.

Oh yeah. So, the same celebrity that requested the carseat was a MAJOR C.U. Next Tuesday to me today on set and I wanted to knock her tooth out like Carrie did on SATC when 'said actress' was chasing Carrie down the stairs and then fell after she caught Carrie in Big's apartment. (That sounded more confusing than I think it really was.) Anyway...Ugh... made me so mad. Enough of my huffing and puffing, I suppose. I'm going to update the Poll of the Week soon so take it and have a wonderful day after the holiday!