Friday, August 28, 2009

New Poll of The Week!

Well, Billie Jean took the cake last week with 9 votes for favorite Michael Jackson song. Smooth Criminal came in second with 8. I apologize to all of those who wished to choose Dirty Diana as their favorite, but I simply forgot to add her. Hopefully I can make it up to you someday.

Since I have been driving around and running errands for a lot of my time during work lately, I have noticed some inappropriately named vehicles roaming the roads with me. Has anyone ever noticed how suggestive some make/models of cars are? Let's discuss some names of vehicles that, if read into, could be really offensive (at least if you have a dirty mind):

Dodge Dart Swinger

Ford Probe

Dodge Ram

The Hummer

Seriously, can we be any more suggestive? The streets should come with a ratings system nowadays. So which car model do you find the most sexually offensive?


Jenni said...

never thought about all that! i would have to say the dodge ram...that just sounds so barbarian-like!

Karen said...

Hahahahahahah.. I never thought of it but now can't think of anything else. My friends and I call those who drive Hummers "Teeny Weenies" because one has to be compensating for a lack somewhere to need to own & drive one of those.

HipShooter said...

I went to Jr prom in a Probe. No "probing" took place.