Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things I Look Forward To

My family doesn't really have reunions (there are like 4 of us, total). Or maybe they do, but they know that I would make up any excuse to get out of going to them so they just stopped inviting me. That is more than likely the case.

This weekend I'm traveling to Tyler, TX for the 4th (possibly 5th) Annual Crawfish Boil at the Martin's home. The Martins:

Aren't they a handsome bunch? If I had to choose a family other than my own to reunite with year, after year, I would definitely choose them. So, like I was saying, every year they have a crawfish boil at their home and relatives from all over come to visit. Not only do they include family, but they include all of their kids' friends as well. That's where I come in. They have a 'family-of-choice' reunion of sorts, if you will.

There is always so much going on. Captain Ron and Mrs. Pam have a karaoke machine that everyone loves to partake in (Jennifer and Shawn):

Also, they have a margarita machine and a pool (not that I am about to go parading around in my bathing suit in front of people), so the kids are occupied. Every year they make t-shirts for everyone to put on. 2007 they were yellow (see above). And last year they were blue:
I always get excited about new T-shirts! By the end of the night, they are sure to be covered in crawfish residue, jambalaya and spilt beer. Everyone ends up karaokeing until we are hoarse and then fall asleep all over their house.

The Martin's are definitely my family away from family and I appreciate them and their hospitality more than they will probably ever know. And their margaritas!


Stephanie Jordan said...

I love how obvious it is in the picture above that tanning season had yet to begin. Truly, one of our worst.

Kate said...

Oh Steph. That was just a regular skin-tone day for me!