Friday, April 17, 2009

Tournees French Film Festival

There's something happening this weekend in Shreve that I'm really excited about. That being the Tournees French Film Festival at the Robinson Film Center. John Belushi accuses me of only liking films with subtitles (because I love Amelie and Pans Labyrinth) so this is right up my alley! The Robinson has a great facility and I hope that there is a big turnout this weekend. I'm planning on seeing "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" Below is the schedule of shows in case someone wants to join me!

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (PG-13)
(Le Scaphandre et le Papillon)
Friday, April 17, 7:45 PM
Sunday, April 19, 5:45 PM
Monday, April 20, 7:55 PM
Thursday, April 23, 5:30 PM

Blame it on Fidel! (NR)
(La faute a Fidel!)
Friday, April 17, 3:45 PM
Saturday, April 18, 8:15 PM
Tuesday, April 21, 5:30 PM
Wednesday, April 22, 5:30 PM
Innocence (R)
Saturday, April 18, 5:45 PM
Sunday, April 19, 8:10 PM
Tuesday, April 21, 7:50 PM

The Last Mistress (R)
(Une vieille maitresse)
Saturday, April 18, 10:15 PM
Monday, April 20, 5:30 PM
Thursday, April 23, 7:50 PM

Flight of the Red Balloon (NR)
(Le Voyage du ballon rouge)
Saturday, April 18, 3:15 PM
Sunday, April 19, 3:15 PM
Wednesday, April 22, 7:30 PM

Family Friendly Showcase:
The Red Balloon & White Mane (G)
Saturday, April 18, 1:30 PM
Sunday, April 19, 1:30 PM