Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Things That Are Awesome!

Say hello everyone to the newest love of my life:


Beginning about a month or so ago, The Cub (home of the best steak in the world as well as the best au gratin potatoes) started offering Burgers on the Patio Wednesdays.

I heard about this from someone on Facebook and decided that it was up to me to figure out if the burgers were as good as the steak. So my friend Mark (Thanks for the photo), Laura and I checked it out today. Those burgers are super delicious! And they are super cheap! For $7 (not including tip) you can get a dressed burger, chips, baked beans and a beverage (soda, though I saw SEVERAL people there with beers... which makes me think to self: "What do these people do for a living to where their employer allows them to drink on the job?" followed up with, "Must be nice!"). To me, that is a deal! Plus, you get to sit on the patio with a nice breeze, friends and regulars that you are sure to have seen at the Cub during any regular evening.


Diana & Orie said...

love this...want to be in shreveport and go...but with a beer for sure!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Sounds like a good deal. I've been thinking about featuring this in the magazine and I think I'm sold on the idea. However, the combination of beans, chips and burgers reminds me of school lunch ... or maybe it's Soul Food Cafe I'm thinking of.

Kate said...

The chips and beans are simply side options. You can get either/or or both! By the way, I STILL can't comment on your blog, even after the most recent face-lift.

Anonymous said...

Photo courtesy of Mark Crawford.