Friday, April 17, 2009

Things That I Am Uncertain About

I sort of have a fascination with this Lady Gaga person. Her music is discotheque catchy. I really like her song "Poker Face" (the original version, notsomuch the dance/Phoenix remix). Turns out that it IS NOT about the ridiculous things that John Belushi told me it was about (basically oral sex), however it IS about her having sex with a guy and fantasizing about a girl, thus having a 'Poker Face.' Good for her, I guess.

So, again she's fascinating in more ways than one. Especially the decisions she makes regarding her wardrobe. See for yourselves:

In this photo she is wearing something kooky, but not soooo kooky that it looks like she is off the rocker. I would even go as far to say that this is fashion forward and original. Then we have this:

Ok. She isn't wearing pants. It's hard to classify if this is or isn't slutty for two reasons.

1. It's not like it's a thong or even a bikini cut onesie. They're granny panties, therefore her ass as well as her girly bits are covered.

2. I read in an interview that she doesn't wear pants or sleeves (so basically a swimsuit onesie) AND she has her hair dyed platinum because her grandmother is legally blind. So apparently she can only see Gaga while performing if her legs, arms and hair are all exposed. This makes sense so maybe she isn't all that batshit crazy, right?


Is this a, SHEER PANTSUIT? I guess the pre-concieved notions regarding her sanity are now officially out the window.