Monday, April 27, 2009

Being Called Out

This weekend, whilst celebrating our 1-year anniversary, John notices that Bull Durham is on TV. I casually mention that I've never seen it. To my dismay, he wants to watch it and says it's the best movie ever. No one in the world dislikes this movie, blah blah. (For the record, I wanted to watch First Knight but was told that it sucked... sending me into a tyrade. First Knight is AWESOME!)

Anyway, so we're watching the movie and I decide I want to check my email. Followed by fixing something to drink, then deciding to wash dishes, finally eating some of our takeout. John is starting to fume. (I only start to do these tasks to piss him off b/c I don't really want to watch this movie. I mean, we are missing Richard Gere run through the Gauntlet!!!) He starts to give me the 'if you don't sit down and watch this movie it is over' look. So I do. I ended up finishing it and it turns out that it wasn't so bad.

After it was over, I said 'Well, I don't think it was as great as you say it was. I wouldn't put it in my Top Ten Sports Movies list or anything. It was okay.' He replies "You can't even NAME ten sports movies." Oh really?!?!?!?! (OMG it seriously took me over 10 minutes to think of 10. Several were discounted including 'Back To School', but after much thought and racking of my cranium, I finally got 10.) So here is my list in no particular order of how I blurted them out:

1. Remember the Titans
2. Rudy
3. Field of Dreams
4. Goal (1 not 2)
5. Mighty Ducks 3 (Not 1 or 2 b/c the goalie took his shirt off)
6. That One With the Girls (later to realize it's called "A League of Their Own")
7. The Sandlot
8. For Love of the Game
9. Bend It Like Beckham
10. Ladybugs (for those of you who don't remember this jewel of cinema, I will include a movie poster that should bring back memories):

Eat that Belushi! You were wrong. He tried to say that The Ladybugs was horrible, but I beg to differ. That movie was freaking awesome. Rodney Dangerfield is a classic. God rest his soul.