Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Dream of Blue?

Growing up, we had a cat. Don't ask why. We all hated cats for different reasons. My brother was allergic, Mom hated all the hair everywhere, and I thought they were shady. Nonetheless, one day Keithy brought a cat to the house and it ended up becoming a permanent resident. She looked a lot like this:

We didn't know what to name her because none of us really liked her. We decided that in certain lights she had a blueish tint to her coat, so therefore we named her Blue. Original, I know. (Turns out she came with a different name, but we all thought that Sir Nelson was a little formal and weird, AND Sir Nelson turned out to be a Miss Nelson, thus the name change).

Blue lived with us for about 5 years when Mom came up with the idea that she wanted to build a new house. So Blue and the 4 dogs that we had at the time (My stepdad is a vet, don't judge) moved. Sue decided that Blue shed WAY too much to have her live in the house, so she was banished to the garage. She acted like she always wanted to come inside, but secretly I think she loved it out there. She got to hunt bugs, mice and had numerous adventures to where she would go missing for a few days here and there.

Over the course of her garage life, she lost an eye. So then her name changed from Blue to Blue the One Eyed Cat. At some point I accidentally ran over her with the car when backing out of the garage. I never told my parents that for obvious reasons... then eventually she passed away a few years later. I eventually told Mom, but not Keithy.

So last night, under the influence of a Tylenol PM, Blue came to me in a dream. It was very surreal because in the dream, I lived at the house in Ruston that I lived for 2 years. There were all of these cats wanting to come inside the house, and Blue was one of them. (I called her simply Blue because in this dream, she had both eyes). She seemed to be trying to tell me something.... then my phone rang in real life and woke me up. I wish I could have been asleep just a little bit longer in case she had something important to tell me.

Oh well. I'm just glad to know that when she went to heaven, she got her other eye back.


Stephanie Jordan said...

I'll never forget when you ran her over. How did you know it was the old house? Was the living room green?

Kate said...

No! I was in your old room, which, in the dream was a living room, as it was built to be. I opened your front door and there were cats all the way out to Vienna. So weird.