Friday, July 3, 2009

Documenting Seattle/Canadian Eats

When we were in Seattle I decided to do a food documentation so that I could think back and reminisce upon all of the amazing things I would eat. So much for being Skinny Bridesmaid on vacation. I'm sure I walked enough that week to burn it all off. So here's what we ate:

Day 1. At The Pink Door, John ordered the Squid Ink Seafood Spaghetti. Sounds gross, huh? Definitely not gross:

When he got to the pasta, it was dyed black (thus, the Squid Ink). Looked gross, tasted amazing:

I had some amazing lasagna, but didn't manage to take a photo since I was so busy scarfing it down. After we finished walking around Pike Place all day, we settled in for some (amazing) sushi at the Japanese Kitchen. We split a Seattle Roll (obviously) and a Spicy Tuna Roll:

Day 2 we decided to start the day off right by hitting up Market Bagels:

The bagels were AMAZING! And huge. John got a Bacon, Egg and Cheese. I got an Egg and Cheese (Skinny Bridesmaid):

Since we ate the bagels around 1030ish, we went shopping and then to the Seattle Center for a little bit. We decided upon a late lunch around 4ish at the Westlake Mall. I got Orange Chicken. John got an enchilada, taco and nachos or something:

Random combo, huh? That's the beauty of food courts. Since we ate lunch so late, we skipped dinner that night and instead hopped over to a convenience store for some snacks (to save money). The following day was the Sounders game. We wolfed down a bagel (that I showed previously) while waiting on the bus to Pioneer Square. After the game, we stopped by a nice little place called Elysian Fields (not in Texas) for some pink lemonade and comfort food:

I had the Bleu Burger (skinny, skinny). John had a Grilled Chicken Club:

Monday was the day we decided to go to Victoria. On the 2.5 hour boat ride, they offered "Clipper Meals". I was smart and got the Yogurt Basket:

John was NOT and got the Salmon Basket. It came in a vacuum-sealed package, which can be seen above being held by John (the salmon). Suprisingly he said it tasted alright, but guess who got seasick. Not me:

Once we were out of International Waters, we wandered around Canada to and fro a few museums and we stumbled upon this little darling:

Once seated, the waitress asked us if we would "Fancy a Bevy" and we were sold on it. Great food, nice people and fun accents. John ordered a burger (to be safe) and I ordered Chicken Penne:

On the long walk back to the Victoria Clipper, we stopped for some gelato. Yum!:

After another long boat ride (in which we avoided the salmon the second go around), we arrived back in Seattle. We stopped by an American staple. Subway:

On our final day, we headed back up to the Seattle Center and begun the day with Zeek's Pizza (where the service was extremely questionable):

We both got two slices each. We started with Pepperoni, and finished up with the specialty pizza, Chevre Roast (Goat cheese, bell peppers, garlic, onions):

We finished up the trip with a Round 2 of the great American staple, Subway:

Just for the record, we really aren't pigs. Although it would appear so. We did enough walking to offset all of the eating. I promise. Skinny Bridesmaid!


PeterParis said...

You seem to have made some good eating ... but I may have some comments on your drinking habits! :-)

Unknown said...

i used to rag on my bro for taking pics of food, but you make it seem fun!