Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Things That Should Be Surprising, But Aren't

Last night John and I decided to eat at a semi-local establishment for dinner because I got a $5 coupon in the mail. We love finding opportunities to be cheap. So we pull into the parking lot directly next to this:

I feel as though The Diddle Martins have already touched on this topic, but I figured, it is semi-rare that you get an opportunity to get up close and personal with one of these train wrecks, so why not talk about it? Behold, the "Spaghetti O's" car. Please take note at how detailed these people are with their Mazda 626. The rims:

It is as though the wheels are covered in tiny Spaghetti O's that have escaped from the can. On the trunk is the bar code. You know, in case you want to scan it:

Also if you really look hard there is the phone number to the company that painted this car in this fashion... you know, if you are interested in transforming your Sister Civ from a natural Taffeta White into the Suave Strawberry Shampoo car. One last photo, the Nutritional Information Sunroof:

That should wrap up all of the classiness from the pre-dinner parking lot experience. After we ate our fill of chips and queso, we decided that we should make it an official date night and go see The Hangover (warning, rant coming):

I was pretty disappointed with it, to be perfectly honest. I don't know if I didn't like it because it was super predictable, or because people had spoiled parts of it that were 'so hilarious' so I knew what was coming, or if I was trying to figure out the whole time why everyone in the world seemed to think it was the funniest movie of all time. I thought that Heather Graham did a good job and that's about it. I laughed at the credit photos, but I left the theater thinking, Really? That's it? It might not have helped that I saw it with John who was cynical about it based on all of the hype.

Well, I got a surprise when I got home, that's for sure. Evel Dick commented on my blog about Big Brother! I couldn't believe it. It may very well be an impostor, but since it says that he is in the agriculture business on his blog profile, that makes me think it's for real. So, Flashback Tuesday turned out to be an abnormally banner day!


melissa said...

Great Car!

Elizabeth said...

I need to find me a Pop-Tart car!

RadioTodd said...

With kids, our car always looks like that anyway without the spaghetti wrap!! haha!

That's cool Evel Dick checked into your blog! He rocks!

Stephanie Jordan said...

shut the freak up!! I love Evel Dick. I may be the only one, but I thought his strategy was top notch!