Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flashback Tuesday

Happy Flashback Tuesday everyone! Since it is so beautiful outside in the Shreve with all the clouds and downpours and threats of tornadoes and everything, I figured that lots of people would be inside today on the Internet wishing they could go outside and play. Since I strive to make the readers of this little ditty happy on a daily basis, I figured that I would give you lots to look at. Y'all can thank me later.

Since "Yearbook Yourself" is back in action, my darling friend Rachel Schillage has decided to include me in her album. This is what she came up with:

I'm so glad she gave me one with little glasses.

My makeup looks hot!

Alright, then. That was fun. On to the real flashback of Flashback Tuesday. 10 years ago (next summer) the youth group that I grew up with decided to take it's Senior class on a 'Senior Trip'. The fair way to decide where we went was to have everyone vote, right? Okay, so this is what happened. Everyone who had EVER been to church with us showed up on voting day. No really EVERYONE. There were three options of where we could go:

1. Somewhere in the Caribbean, possibly Jamaica, or maybe Cancun.
2. New York City
3. Walt Disney World

Okay, so the members of Sunday School who actually came all the time and I formed an alliance. I was ADAMANT about not going to Disney World. I mean, come on. It is our Senior Trip. Let's go somewhere awesome. So, I talked all of the regulars into voting for New York. Once the votes were in, all of the idiots who NEVER EVEN CAME TO SUNDAY SCHOOL, all outvoted us by like 2 to go to freaking Disney World. And then who were the people who actually went on the trip? None of those jerks who voted for it. NOT ONE OF THEM!!!!! So of course, I had a bad attitude about it the whole time, and still do, but I'm not bitter or anything. Anyway, here is a photo of Mark and myself at WDW wearing some leis or something like we wished we were on a beach. Or in Little Hawaii in New York:

Man, I was a dish! Also, this is before Mark had his under bite fixed. He looks much different now.

That other girl I never saw again after that trip (so I halfway cropped her face out, JUST IN CASE some of you might recognize her), except on John's birthday this year when she was seated at the hibachi table one over from us and was loudly proclaiming how she planned on forcing her boyfriend to marry her after 5 years. Yeah, let us know how that works out for you, Rachel.

Since I promised you a lot to look at, I will deliver on that one. There is another blog which I adore. The web address should pretty much be self-explanatory for you, so go look at it and enjoy your Flashback Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

That picture is SO FUNNY. Where were we? I don't remeber that at all. And thank goodness for plastic surgery. I forgot that I looked like that. I'm still mad at Sarah Singletary Coleman and Rebecca Dufrene Bogan for voting for Walt Disney World.

Kate said...

We were somewhere in Epcot. I'm still mad at them too. They only voted for that because they are beach people. I mean, COME ON, you can go to the Redneck Rivera anytime. Not New York!

The Shark said...

Mark! You DIDN'T want to go to Disney World? That's a surprise! To be honest, I hate that trip. But Dufrene and Singletary went didn't they? If they were such beach lovers they should have voted for the Caribbean not gay ass Disney World. Who goes there on their senior trip? I mean, what is that?

Thank you for reminding me that I wasn't the only one on that trip who said "what the hell am I doing here?" every time I saw someone in a huge Disney character costume.

Kate said...

I guess it could have been worse, Chris. I could go to Disney World on my honeymoon. Ugh.

Seriously, Worst. Idea. Ever.

Chris Solomon said...

Our alliance was strong. We should have revolted as soon as the results came in.

I remember leaving the room I was in and moving to the room with Smithson and Paul. Apparently, the tenants in my room liked to get up at 5:45am most mornings to go eat breakfast with the Disney characters. Obviously, it wasn't for me.

The only thing that saved the trip is when me and Smithson found that place in Downtown Disney with the bumper cars that had cannons. It was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Wow am I glad I didn't go on the trip. Saved the rents at least a couple hundred that summer. Must be nice to be rich Kate.