Friday, July 10, 2009

You Girlfriend Forgot Cake

Last night, John and I, Jim and his wife Katie, John's other brother Chance (sorry, John Belushi only had one other brother so Chance will have to just go by Chance), his girlfriend Amanda and Nancy, Jim, John and Chance's mother all gathered for a birthday dinner at Shogun of Japan.

After our chef 'Ryan' begun cooking our dinner, it was discovered by him that we were there for John's birthday. Then he asked how old. John replied "27". 'Ryan' then made this:

Apparently 'Ryan' thought that John said 'Twenty-something' so that would be a 2 followed by a ? there on the smiley faced heart shaped pile of rice. Then 'Ryan' looks at me and asks John 'Your wife?' John replies 'No, she is my girlfriend.' Then 'Ryan' asked me where the cake was. I looked around and shrugged. Then Nancy decided to throw me under the bus by saying 'I guess I should have gotten the cake. Way to drop the ball, Kate.' So, 'Ryan' says 'Bad girlfriend. You girlfriend forgot cake.' Great, thanks 'Ryan.' He quickly followed up by saying 'No worries, I hook you up.' So after we had finished eating, out comes this fun little pineapple boat:

Followed by a man with a camera to take our photo. Along with the bill, he brings this:

Apparently they were out of the Happy Birthday photo holders, because John got a Happy Anniversary card with the words 'of your birth' added at the end. Classy, Shogun.