Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ways That You Should NOT Run Your Business

Yesterday afternoon, before I headed to wine night, I stopped my liquor store of choice to pick up my very favorite $8.99 Penfolds' Rawson's Retreat Chardonnay. I ALWAYS go to the Thrifty on Youree near LSUS because the people there know me. They never stop me for ID, and I know where everything is so I can always just go straight to the R.R. and be on my way.

So, like I was saying, I stopped in yesterday and the same guy is working that is always working. He has a large variety of tattoos all over himself. He has dyed black (sometimes aqua) hair that is sometimes shaped into a mohawk or sometimes just hanging all in his face. If you have ever been in there, you know the guy that I'm talking about. So, I'm waiting patiently in like with the R.R., waiting on the black lady in front of me to finally lose with her scratch off lotto tickets, after playing them one by one then purchasing more tickets with the winnings, WHILE IN LINE!!! Seriously, move along lady so I can leave already. I try to spend as little time as possible in liquor stores, just because they are pretty skeevy places. Yet, are very similar to town halls, what with the bills that can be paid there, and whatnot.

Once it's finally my turn to check out, the mohawk guy makes me feel a little uneasy. Like he looks at me as if he is going to ask me a really embarrassing question in front of everyone there. I usually try to say as little as possible to avoid provoking him. So, right before he asks me "Will that be all?", he proceeds to pick up a Church's chicken leg, eat the entire contents of the leg in one swift swoop, sucking all remnants off of the bone before throwing it away. Then, he slurps up all remaining grease from his fingers, wipes his hand on his pants, picks up my bottle of wine, scans it, puts it in a bag, takes my debit card, hands me my receipt and sends me on my way. I WAS REPULSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My proof of this true story:

I have never been more grossed out in my life. Thinking about it even now makes me want to vomit. WHO EATS FRIED CHICKEN WHILE CHECKING OUT CUSTOMERS, HANDLING THEIR MERCHANDISE AND MONEY?? I realize that you work at Thrifty Liquor, but still. You are on Youree Drive, man! Have some self respect! After a few glasses last night, I finally got over it but I just wanted you all to know ways to NOT behave if you work in retail. That's what breakrooms are for!!! And chicken strips!!!!


The Shark said...

I know that thing you are talking about. Every time I've gone to that store he is working. I am beginning to think he isn't human at all but in fact some sort of undead ghoul that delights in the human misery he disperses to the masses of thirsty people who enter his domain... either that or he's just a jerk.

Plan of revenge: Buy a box of chicken from KFC. Walk in with it and grab your item of choice. Bring cash. After he has scanned the item and bagged it and asked for payment set the box down on the counter, eat a chicken breast with both hands as greasily as you can and then pull the money out of your pocket, unfolding it slowly and greasily before handing it to him. Then after your purchase is complete leave the box of uneaten chicken on the counter and wink.

lagataroja76 said...

He is a jerk. He tries to be a jerk because he wants to get a reaction so I think this chicken revenge idea would work, but I would go with ribs. Delicious as well and also as messy.
He also has a daughter, I saw him at the post office and she was a beautiful little toddle with curly hair and a very osh kosh bgosh dress.
So as of this point he breeds well. Or he chose well, whatever.
She was cute and I am not that into kids.

melissa said...

I know that guy! I mean I know which one you are talking about!
That is nasty!!!! I would have gone home and sprayed my wine bottle with lysol.

He needs to be fired!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Is that the guy we saw making out with that under-aged girl against the side of the building? Maybe it's just me, but that Thrifty is particularly sketchy. I've started shopping at Cuban because it's close to the house and pretty classy for a liquor joint.

Kate said...

Good plan with the KFC guys! Steph - I'd go to Cuban but it's way more expensive and way out of the way.

Nance - I have yet to witness this precious daughter of his.