Monday, July 20, 2009

Target Understands

I don't know how many of you remember me writing THIS POST, but I remember it like it was yesterday, although it was actually over a month ago (June 11th) that I wrote it. Now, I don't know if I ever revealed what my resolution was in regards to this baby shower for a girl that I hadn't seen in 5 years. Well, let me just tell you what a nice person I am.

So, after I get the invitation for said girl and realize that I would be in Seattle during the shower (and jumped for joy), I decided that I should be nice about it and that it was probably the hormones telling her to send me an invite to said shower. So I go to her registry online at this store:

After perusing the registry and picking out a $12 onesie (that's being generous, I thought), adding to cart, refusing gift wrap because it cost extra, and clicking send, I thought, 'Okay Kate, you have finally put this little issue to rest.'

Or so I thought.

Yesterday, yes, I said YESTERDAY (July the 19th), I get an email from Guest Services telling me that my order was cancelled. They let me know that the onesie's supplier has decided to stop supplying Target. Which is stupid, because that's where everyone registers, or so I thought, but apparently this company has found a better store. So, a month and 8 days after I thought that this issue of the shower is out of the way, I find out that now I really look like a cheapskate because I didn't RSVP or whatever nor, send explanation of why I didn't go (it was all included in the card of the order I was sending). Oh well, I guess.

I told this little story to my friend Kristen and her theory is that Target really knew what the deal was and that they were on my side as far as gift giving goes. They cancelled my order because it was tacky to send me an invite in the first place. It's nice knowing that Target is my alliance and that they decided to backdoor the onesie.


Anonymous said...

I love the Big Brother reference

misti said...

Target will always be there for you.