Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Flashback Tuesday

For today's Flashback Tuesday, I, not only, have decided to post an embarrassing one of myself in the Silver Spurs Milkmaid Classic Onesie and Over Carriage that was our 'school uniform', but also I wanted to introduce you all, formally, to Sue.

Sue is my mother and is actually the sweetest lady you'll ever meet. She was even sweet to me back in high school (during the years that I was forced to wear this monstrosity) when I went through what I like to call 'My Attitude Phase'. During this phase, I was super nice to everyone except Sue. Because I was in my teenage angst period and while still wanting to appear cool to my friends, I would 'act out' toward Sue for no given reason. Well, praise the Lord that high school is over and that I've mostly recovered from the Attitude Phase. The key word there was mostly.

I love you Sue and appreciate you for being the best mother I've ever had! (Yes, she does read this... I think.)


melissa said...

cute pic! Hi sue!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Sue and I are old friends. Love her to pieces!

karlyr10 said...

next week i will be expecting a pic of you in the infamous chappahoe (sp?) costume. i was just a bit sexier than the spur onesie

Kate said...

Karly, I intentionally never took any photos in the Chappahoe outfit. Except for the ones in the yearbook.

Speaking of yearbooks, Steph, do you still have mine?