Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reasons That Z Gallerie is the Slutty Sister of Pottery Barn

Tuesday evening, Mark and I decided to have a get together to watch the best show on television (Big Brother 11). I got there pretty early so that we could order pizza and talk about people that we don't like with plenty of time to spare before the show came on. I am one who has to have absolutely NO interruptions so that I can catch every rude comment and fight with no background noise.

When I arrived, we immediately went to the kitchen to fix a beverage. I decide on what I want and Mark says 'WAIT!!!!!!! PUT IT DOWN!!!!!!' before I took a sip. I stopped because I was very nervous as to if there was a bug on my face or about to dive into my glass. But then he reaches in the freezer and fumbles with something before placing this atop my glass:

It is a miniature Titanic-shaped ice cube, with matching iceberg. HAHAHAHA. I laughed so hard!!! So, I took a better photo of the ship:

So finally after I was done gawking at the ship, I did something really tacky and sank it:

My sincerest apologies go out to Rose and Jack, that they had to relive that all over again, but I was thirsty. I asked Mark where he purchased the Titanic and Iceberg ice trays and he told me Z Gallerie. Then he said that they regard themselves the "Slutty Sister to Pottery Barn" and I completely agree. I prefer Z Gallerie's products because they are extremely interesting to me, whereas Pottery Barn is very cookie cutter and straight laced (FYI I am not hating on PB). I wonder what that says about me. (Go ahead and add your slutty comments. I won't be mad.)

I almost forgot to include another of Mark's awesome products!!! He has these coasters that when you set your glass atop them, they light up and then change colors until your glass is empty.
I think this is a GREAT idea for a gift, especially if you are having people over. You immediately know when their drink is empty because the coasters go back to basic white and no fun lights. I forgot to ask him where he got these, but if you really want to know, I can find out for you.


Karly said...

poor rose and jackl!! i want those coasters. could tjhey possibly keep me from losing my drink

Stephanie Netherton said...

what are you drinking? whiskey and water? It looks strange.

Kate said...

It looks weird because the countertops are brown, but it's actually Sprite.

Karly, I don't know where Mark got those coasters, but they are awesome and you would always know where your drink is, for sure.

Anonymous said...

I got the light up coasters at Lowes on one of the light fixtures aisle. I think they were like $15 for four of them. Well worth the purchase price!

melissa said...

Love Z Gallery! and REALLY LOVE THOSE COASTERS! Heading to Lowes!