Thursday, July 16, 2009

People That I'll (Probably) Never Get Over (Wine Night Edition)

Consider this your Flashback Tuesday on Thursday after Braden was evicted from the BB11 house. UGH!!! This is the only thing that has managed to cheer me up.

Exhibit A and only:

God Bless America. And the 90's.


Catherine said...

Mmm...I likes 90s Jared Leto...
2000s? not so much.

Seriously! WTF is wrong with Ronnie. And you know he's going to be Jessie and Russell's little puppet. I thought Chima was definitely going home after her farewell speech--it reminded me of Chelsia's meltdown in Season 9--Wow!

Stephanie Jordan said...

You know, he's a former Bossier City resident.

Kate said...

I am so mad at Ronnie. I don't understand where his head is. Everyone knows that playing both sides gets you evicted. I.E. Kail

karlyr10 said...

90's Jared Leto...2000 Jared Leto.. i'll take both.. but yeah im weird

I really hope chima goes home soon. I can Already tell that i do not like her. Ronnie makes me wanna barf as well.