Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Poll of the Week!

Last week's poll closed with 9 of you saying that you keep cool in the summer by Never Leaving Pool.

Good choice, although I was disappointed to hear how few of you don't wear clothes. Next time, I suppose.

Well this week, the poll is going to discuss the current trends that are taking over our nation. Which one of these is the most annoying trend that you absolutely cannot stand?

A. The success of artists like Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers (who, Thank the Lord are finally starting to dwindle with their fame):

B. Fashion trends such as Ed Hardy and Affliction:

C. Mommy Blogs (self explanatory. No one cares about your child's first poo):

D. Stick Portrait Window Clings (I feel as though I've already been over this one):

E. Mounting your television over your mantle (TACKY. Your living room says a lot about you and I feel that your focal point should never be a 52 inch flatscreen. Save it for your man room.):

F. Twitter (although I have one and was recently attacked for saying that I don't think breastfeeding in public is appropriate. That is why they make breast pumps and bottles. No one wants to see your areolas while they are eating a pepperoni pizza.):

Vote, will you, and have a wonderful Thursday!!!


melissa said...

My tv is over my fire place.. you get no cake tonight..

I did vote that I would not be wearing clothes..

Stephanie Jordan said...

Wow, claws came out on this one Kathy!! I'm not offended personally, but make sure you lock your doors tonight. You know how some people feel about their flat screens and baby pride.

Kate said...

Nah.. I wasn't trying to offend anyone. Just bringing up a topic of discussion that people have been talking about lately and decided I'd see what everyone else thought.

I love you Mel! And I should avoid cake anyway. Skinny Bridesmaid!

misti said...

I'm with you on the rest of these...but *shame* I have to admit to liking Ed Hardy tees! Although Perez and Jon Gosselin are one more blog post away from ruining it for me.

Adam Traylor said...

I openly admit to liking Taylor Swift, Holly and I are fans. However, I hate the Jonus (sp?) Brothers. Twitter got old quick for me too, and I don't really care about any of the other things, they don't bother me.

Kate said...

Oh Misti. Give it a few weeks and hopefully the 'cool' will wear off.

Adam - shame shame.

James McD said...

Kate Warren, this post is the reason you are the amazing person we all love! Simply awesome!

Brandy said...

KATE! Girl, freedom of speech is something I totally take pride in. You ofcourse have the right to your own opinion, but I will say, I am pretty sure I have one of those "mommy blogs" that you have stopped by and made lovely comments on . . .with that said, I still enjoy your blog and enjoy your weekly polls.

I'm still voting!

Brandy said...

Oh...and I have a TV over my mantle, but honestly I think it makes my Fireplace the focal point, since it is so pretty! My fireplace that is, not my TV.

Kate said...

Brandy - I would not consider your blog a "Mommy Blog". You discuss way more than your child on it. Also, I'd like to see befores and afters of your hair adventure. And which canisters you chose!

Unknown said...

i agree with every one of these hideous trends...this just may be the toughest decision of my life

Unknown said...

wait...i hope you didn't think i LIKE the trends...i hate all of them! it was a tough decision of which one to hate the most. lets get this straight kate!

Kate said...

I would NEVER think that of you Nay-Nay. I know that you know better.