Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trends That Are Ridiculous

Along with things such as Affliction T's, Ed Hardy, Taylor Swift, and Twitter (although I do have one), I thought that I would add another trend to the list of things that have gotten EXTREMELY out of hand:

I mean honestly, people. I understand having things like 'family pride' or whatever, but good Lord... STOP ALREADY with your personalized window clings! Trust me, no one cares about your stick family portrait. Leave it for your scrapbook, not for your bumper. You look like an ass.


melissa said...


This Ed Hardy, Afflication crap is just nasty!

.. is that a lil girl dressed as a cowboy??

Stephanie Jordan said...

That's a really big family.

Kate said...

I guess so, Melissa. And I think it's ironic that the husband is holding a shotgun. I would need one too.

Elizabeth said...

Is that for real? What is the mom holding? Looks like big brother has the right idea: jumping on Dad's motorcycle and getting the hell out of there.