Monday, July 13, 2009

El Chico and More

So this weekend we had John's Birthday Extravaganza Part Deux beginning with a dinner at his favorite Mexican restaurant in Shreveport: El Chico. There was an amazing turnout of friends that showed up... about twenty... and it ended up being a good time.

When we left The Boy, (after John decided to take his sombrero with him) we headed over to sing some karaoke. On the way over, these two got engaged!!!! Congratulations Joey and Megan Hynes!!! So exciting!

After John and Rex finished singing "The American Trilogy" Mrs. Scoggin showed up.

Shortly after we visited with Jamie, we headed home, but not before snapping a photo with the Sensational Six (Carie and Trav were missing from the Elite 8, so we had to do with the six).

Saturday, John took me to the amazing Don Juanz, famous for their Fresh Mex menu. The fish tacos sound disgusting but are anything but that. If you live in the Shreveport/Bossier Metroplex and haven't tried Don Juanz, I suggest you do. You will never look at Mexican food the same.

Saturday evening, John wanted to watch the UFC fight. So he and his coaching buddies got together to watch it, while their pregnant wives and myself (neither preg or a wife) sat downstairs and visited. Well, let me just say that I heard enough in a few hours about pushing a baby out of a V, episiotomies, enemas, lamaze class, baby bedding, breast pumping, nipple cream, pediatricians, gas, cravings, morning sickness, strollers, cribs, due dates, NICU's, hospitals, changing rooms, baby monitors, registering, and rice cereal to do me for my entire life. No thank you, babies.

So that's the weekend recap. (Oh! And we saw Bruno. Not as funny as Borat. So, don't waste your time or money.) Big Brother last night was eh. I'm ready for it to get ugly!


melissa said...

I love John in the group pic!?

misti said...

You mean you don't LOVE the childbirthing conversations? The word episiotomy makes me want to stab myself...

Also, I know you make several references to your man looking like Belushi, but he really, really does look like him. I just asked Alan to tell me who was in the picture with you and he said, "looks like John Belushi." And now he is walking around the house chanting "Toga"...

Kate said...

Oh, you Walkers!!! He really does look like John. He gets mad when I tell him that, so I tell him often! :)

Stephanie Jordan said...

Several things I would like to discuss:

1. I love fish tacos. Most people thing they are very gross, but my consensus is that most people have not tried them. I do feel a bit awkward when I order them while dining with a big group because someone is inevitably going to snicker and make it into a dirty joke. But hey, if loving fish tacos makes me a lesbian, so be it. Did I just pole vault with that comment?

2. My friend Lauren called Saturday night to invite Ty and I over to watch the fight. The message was hysterical. "Jonathan ordered some stupid fight ... so ... I was just going to see if you and Ty wanted to come over and drink some beers or something (sigh). Talk to you later." I didn't get the message until later, but I probably would have declined her less than enthusiastic invitation.

Kate said...

Steph - I would eat fish tacos every day of my life. Even if I were a lesbian.

And be glad that you didn't go to the fight thing, but if you had, at least you wouldn't have have to talk about babies.