Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Thoughts On Baby Showers

Over the past week and a half, I have been bombarded with Facebook messages and text messages from two individuals asking for my and my mother's addresses. This can only mean one thing. Either someone is getting married or they are having a baby.

Now, for the record, I do not mind ONE BIT if someone that I know and like and actually hang out with gets married or decides to have a baby or whatnot. Receiving a shower invitation for one of those people is completely acceptable.

HOWEVER, if I haven't talked to you or seen you for at least 5 years (which, in this case, I haven't seen this person in over 6), DO NOT send me an invitation to one of your showers (unless we are related). People say that it is proper etiquette to send a gift to these people that send this stuff. Well is it proper etiquette to have to reach so far back in your mind to back when you remembered how to spell my name correctly and have a mutual friend ask me for my address so that I have to purchase a wedding/baby gift for you? Why would you want people that you no longer care enough to have a relationship with to have to get a gift for you and have to endure something such as this:

The only appealing thing on that entire Bingo square is the free space. And possibly the Milk square. Also, a side note. When Googling images of 'Baby Shower' this one came up.

What an inventive idea. It is an actual baby shower that you clip on to the side of the tub so that your child can do nothing but stand up so you can just hose him/her off. Also, I like the kid's afro.

Anyway, why should I (a single girl with no babies), have to purchase gifts for this married girl (who, for the record, didn't bother to invite me to her wedding) who is now knocked up? Why doesn't she have to get me a gift for leading a fabulous single life? I feel that SJP touched on this issue in an episode of Sex and the City. She had better just wait because whenever I decide to get married (not having babies), she WILL be recieving an invitation to a shower. And my gift had better be good!!!! Maybe that's the only reason why people actually get these gifts for other people. Because they want the favor returned. But what if I never get married? Then what?


Brandy said...

Maybe this person wants to re-kendal(misspelled?) a relationship with you and they thought this would be a great way to start.

I invited people to my wedding that I hadn't spoken too in years(not because I wanted a gift), b/c at one point in my life they held a special place in my life and I want to share the (one of) most important day of my life with them.

Just another way to look at it!

Side note: I didn't invite those people to my baby shower though, actually it never crossed my mind.

Kate said...

I see where you're coming from, but I would MUCH rather have this person text me (she even had to say who she was in the text because it's been that long) and ask me to lunch! I'd WAY rather rekindle that way than while discussing nipple cream and breast pumping.

Maybe I just figured out what to get her...

misti said...

I LOVE that S&TC episode. She registered for a pair of shoes. And I 100% agree with this post. My mom got called by a group of ladies from my hometown to help throw a shower. The ladies said they were trying to round up all of girl X's "best friends" - My mom didn't know who she was...but felt obligated. There is something wrong with this!!

misti said...

Plus, there are usually no drinks at baby showers. I say usually; I went to one recently that served cranberry champagne, and that shower turned into a good time! Sad for the mommy, though.

Anonymous said...

If you're talking about who I think you're talking about maybe she just wanted to make sure you felt included since she was inviting Sue. Cause you and I both know Sue would be at every baby shower in the city if she could. Maybe she thought it better to invite than not.

Kate said...

Maybe you're right, LJ. Sue does love some cake and punch.

By the way, I just got the invitation and it is a crying shame that I will be in Seattle that day.

Anonymous said...

I forgot about Seattle! Dang I'm jealous. I'd take a trip to Keatchie right now over being at work.

down and out chic said...

i miss sex and the city so much and i loved that episode. people are silly...i say don't go. buy yourself a treat instead:)

Brandy said...

Rekindle! Shit, why are there days when you just can't figure out how to spell the simplest of words???

Well again, I didn't invite 'those' people to my baby shower, so take what you want from it. I personally would feel awkward and probably wouldn't go, but since you will be out of town anyway, you have your answer! It is your 'sign'.

Now the question is. .."Are you going to buy her a breast pump?"
wink wink

I would buy her some breast pads and call it a day! ha

Kate said...

Brandy - sadly I did not purchase this person a breast pump.

I went to her online registry and found a 10 dollar outfit she picked out and had it shipped to her. And no, I didn't even choose the gift wrap option because that is an extra 6 dollars.

I'm cheap like that. :)

Brandy said...

I wouldn't have either! Good for you!

Still would have just bought her breast pads(like $5.00 a box)


Kate said...

Yeah, I should have. But she had a registry and specifically requested on the registry as well as the shower invitation that she needed gift receipts. I thought that was weird.