Friday, June 19, 2009

PS22 Chorus

I don't know how many of you have heard of the PS22 Chorus. Basically they are a 5th grade choir from Staten Island, New York who perform amazing covers. Watch this clip below and you will be amazed at their talent. Depending on your taste of music, I have included a few different songs for you to listen to, in case you can't stand one particular song. You are welcome, readers. Seriously, these kids are amazing!

By the way, I LOVE the enthusiasm of their choir director. You can read more about the PS22 Chorus at their blog:


Peter said...

The importance of enthusiastic teachers or choir leaders!!

(You warned me, so I did not comment on Britney!! :-)

Cari said...

I`ve been debating over whether or not to comment. I feel like I may comment too much and don`t want to become `annoying comment girl`. Anywho, after watching the Coldplay one for the 5th time, and it making my eyes well up for the fifth time, I thought I would just say, Holy Cows!! How aweome! I love the harmonies! Thanks for sharing!

Kate said...

Cari - You are definitely not 'Annoying Comment Girl' - I'm so glad you enjoyed the videos. I couldn't get over it when I first saw them.